Road to Providence

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“All that I know of tomorrow is that providence will rise before the sunrise.” ~ Jean Baptiste Lacordaire

If you know me, you know I feel very fortunate. Some of my pre-publication readers have remarked that my life must have been very difficult as a young child. Yes, I suppose it was but it’s all about how you look at it. I’ve learned all kinds of life lessons from my past experiences that I will share in my book.

providence roadMany people write memoirs for cathartic reasons. A cleansing of the emotions, if you will. Often stories attract interest because they are filled with regrets, grit and grime. Mine is vastly different – it’s about healthy attitudes, influences and outcomes. Not a “whine-fest.” Writing about our past is not always safe or pretty, however, some people write for a release and admission of gratitude. According to Jerry Waxler, M.S. memoirs have become a more popular form of non-fiction for readers in recent years.

When writing about my life memories, everything fulfilling or not got stirred up. I began recalling songs, hairstyles,  our family’s automobile travels and school yard activities. Even conversations with significant others that influenced my life and things I learned about human relationships came out throughout the writing process. I remembered an awful lot, yet the things that brought me faith and joy  were more enduring than any of the bad stuff. Thank God for that!

johns hopkins

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