Southern Exposures


The sun illuminates only the eye of the man, but shines into the eye and heart of the child.~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

The official first day of summer has arrived. Remember when getting a tan was fun? I am a gal with southern exposure, and we lived around the swimming pool and in the sun! My favorite suntan lotion was baby oil mixed with iodine. Remember that? And we used to wrap LP albums  with aluminium foil and hold them under our chins to maximize the sun’s reflection and tanning impact. Now that doctors  know the more about the harmful effects of sun on the skin, stories like that make dermatologists cringe.  As I’ve aged I’ve gotten a little wiser and use sunscreen but I still love to hangout in the sun. It warms the spirit. Join me today as we take a look at some nostalgic summertime images! These images will incite memories for baby boomers. Suntan1 suntan 3 Sun In The image below really made me laugh – little did people  know about the aging effects of the sun on the skin. suntan 4   Jean Nate – It was a  favorite thing to spritz all over my body after hours of basking in the sun! Refreshing, indeed! Jean Nate   I remember one summer while cruising around on our family’s house boat, my siblings and I got so sun blistered that my mother had to cover us with wet teabags. The tannin drew out the hurt.   Suntan 5     Suntan 6lemon up shampoo Lemon-up. Did you know you can still purchase it at the Vermont Country Store? sending sunshine See you tomorrow on All Things Fulfilling. We will be continuing our journey down memory lane. This blog brought to you by Sue Batton Leonard,  author of Gift of a Lifetime:Finding Fulfilling Things in the Unexpected. Sue’s memoir

2 thoughts on “Southern Exposures

  1. Enjoyed reading your blog…especially the advertising photos for Coppertone…and I have to say, I LOVED Jean Nate’s citrusy scent. Wonder if they even make it any more. All those smells take me back to the 1960s, to Florida, to basking in the sun (and of course unwittingly damaging skin beyond repair!). Ah well! Thanks for the memories!

    • Thanks for your comment, Rita. For a lot of us, if only we had known then what we know now……but, think of all the relaxing and fulfilling hours we would have missed playing sun goddesses! Yes Coppertone is still available, but it is no longer “suntan lotion”, which is a term I can’t let go of. It is now called “sunscreen”, I am sure. Thanks for reading and do return to All Things Fulfilling again. The place where you can find information on the publication “Gift of a Lifetime:Finding Fulfilling Things in the Unexpected.

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