Developing Wiser Ways

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Individually, people are finding that a simpler lifestyle provides greater satisfaction than relentless pursuit of materialism. ~ Laurance Rockefeller

Millennials who were wise, learned something from seeing their parents go through difficult financial times when the “crash” came in 2008.

Many have become more creatively economical in their way of living than the previous generation. They are designing lifestyles that are more sustainable rather than acquiring massive debt just to “keep up with Joneses.”  I found this article interesting.

What do we really need to personally fulfill us? That’s the big question. I recently was a guest on a radio blog talk show called a Living a Richer Life voicing my opinion about this very subject. You can listen in by following this link.

It’s been evidenced time and time again by people who have obsessive buying habits that after they go on a buying binge, the feelings of fulfillment lasts only for a little while. In order to be satisfied once again, they need to go on another buying fling. It becomes a vicious cycle.

Here is a great article from the that states five daily habits that contribute to feelings of satisfaction and personal fulfillment.

mistakes as stepping stonesFor those who have done research on the topic of finding joy, many say emptying the bucket of materialistic things and replacing it with these five daily habits can start your journey toward personal fulfillment and happiness.

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