Anniversary Day: Looking Back


If you have something good in your life, don’t let it go. ~ Unknown

The best kind of meet-ups are impromptu – completely unexpected. The ones that happen on the spur of the moment.

For old times’ sake, today I thought I’d share a then and now picture of my twin and me and our sidekick. Recently, we had a very brief bit of time together.  Here we are in 1980, the day I married and here we are thirty-five years later!

I am posting this picture today because my husband and I are celebrating the day we got married.When you have a twin sister and a loyal friend from first grade who  has stuck with you through thick and thin, they all become part of the package when you marry.

1980: L to R – Chris, Sue and Jan

Chris, Sue, Jan

2015: L to R – Sue, Chris, Jan

anniv blog

I’ve had many gifts throughout my lifetime. What a fortunate gal I am!!

Happy Anniversary Day, Terry. You’ve enriched my life enormously!

Terry and Mejpg

This blog is brought to you by the author of Gift of a Lifetime: Finding Fulfilling Things in the Unexpected and Lessons of Heart & Soul.

2 thoughts on “Anniversary Day: Looking Back

  1. Congratulations, Sue and Terry, on this milestone Anniversary! May you share many more wonderful years, surrounded by family and special friends.

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