Coming Home

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  • What does returning home mean to you?

For some people who have lived a transient lifestyle such as military families or those who have moved from place to place seeking job opportunities coming home means returning to some where deep within the soul rather than to a house or physical property or to a neighborhood.

This summer my twin and I returned to our three childhood homes. What a fulfilling journey it was with a whole host of memories that came flooding back.

My Dad and his company, which is now in it’s 5th generation, built all three childhood homes. I think the first and second of our family homes were built nearly single – handedly.

The home my twin sister and I came to after our birth.


Then we moved from Cape Cod style to farmhouse colonial.


Then to 1970’s contemporary from age 12 until off to college.


This was our playground. A walk into the woods from our property lead us to this place.

  • IMG_20150826_164150_279

If you are planning to write a memoir, a return to the roots of your early life can stir up all kinds of things to write about.

This blog is brought to you by Sue Batton Leonard. Award-winning author of Gift of a Lifetime: Finding Fulfilling Things in the Unexpected.

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