Divinely Gone Astray

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Last Saturday there was an art event I wanted to attend at the Artist’s Emporium in Havre de Grace, Maryland however, the day got away from me as I found myself routing out and creating a few gifts for the newest baby in the family coming the end of January. I am so excited for my niece and her husband. That evening I was struggling with myself over how I hadn’t allocated my time well that day. I could have put down what I was doing to attend Robin Capecci’s From Italy with Love art opening. So before I feel asleep that night I determined that I would still go to the exhibit the next day, on Sunday, after church. The next morning I was still sad I missed the opportunity to meet the artist, but decided not to beat myself up over it anymore. I thought, perhaps there was some good reason why I didn’t follow through with my plan the day before.

Fast forward: Shortly after I walked into the Artist’s Emporium on Sunday, I made a realization. The timing was divinely given. Since there was not a mass of people as there were the day before at the show’s opening and because the artist was also present the next day, I was rewarded with an hour-and-a-half spent with the artist and a private showing. What a warm person and storyteller Robin Capecci is. She communicates so beautifully from the heart what is behind her art.

Please come back for two more posts in this series on Sunday, November 6th and Sunday, November 13th. I can’t wait to tell you about my visit with the artist, which was filled with an enormous amount of information which I need to process and finish writing down. And in the third post of this series, on Sunday, November 13th I will be featuring an incredible 12 year-old boy, an unbelievable talent who I encountered on the same visit to the Artist’s Emporium.

I even came home with some Italian treats to enjoy with my late afternoon cup of tea. Come on back on Sunday, November 6, 2022, three days from now.

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