Life’s Blessings

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Life is good! Last Saturday afternoon I and others were blessed by the generosity of an artist who gave a three hour painting demonstration and blessed by the gallery hosting the event – Manor Mill Gallery in Monkton, MD. Although I am not a painter, I welcome opportunities to learn more about painting because I love writing about art and the artists who create it. Over the past twenty years, I have had the good fortune to learn about the work of many master artists which has left me eager for more.

In the first twenty-minute segment the artist, Palden Hamilton, roughed out a sketch of the setting and subject (his live model) – a lady at the window. After each twenty minute painting block, the model had a ten minute break to stretch, relax and refocus.

Palden talked with the visitors to the gallery and other artists who were there to learn, about much of his process and how important it is to getting the measurements (the proportions) right initially, otherwise he said, “the whole thing is out of whack.” He also talked about his painting surface and preparation of it as well as a useful art tool for assessing color values. Then in the next twenty minutes, he got what he termed as “more specific, analytical and mechanical” with his drawing.

Then he started filling in the facial color values moving on to the garb the model was wearing and the area around the figure, then Palden applied color to other areas.

He also talked about the colors on his palette. In the final twenty minutes he fine-tuned the profile of the face to make his rough sketch look closer to the model’s features. Here the painting is at not quite the three hour limit.

Palden Hamilton, the artist, was so giving of his knowledge and fielded many, many good technical questions from the audience as well as questions about his studies with other artists and his other schooling.

Although there are many artists in this world there is a vast difference between those that “dabble” and those that have a deep understanding and deep thought process behind what and why they are doing it and can well explain it. With each master artist I watch, I better appreciate what it takes to become a high-quality fine artist. I’ve posted a few photos of Hamilton’s other figurative work, which is magnificent and on display at Manor Mill Gallery as are his paintings of landscapes, still life along with some of his pastel work.

For more information on Palden Hamilton’s art, please visit his website or call Lynn at Manor Mill Gallery in Monkton, MD.

Thank you for your generosity, Palden, and also to Angelo and staff at the Manor Mill Gallery in historic Monkton, MD. It was a great outing on a cold, damp wintery day but a drive through My Ladies Manor, MD from Bel Air is a pleasure always.

One thought on “Life’s Blessings

  1. Thank you, Sue, for attending and being a part of our creative community! I always enjoy reading your reactions and thoughts to our events. This means alot to us, as we wish to share our bounty of artists and artworks with all, and your feedback is important so that we may move forward knowing what works well for our guests.

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