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Always remember the primary purpose of your life is living in tune with your energy pattern, find the true expression for the energy and go with the flow!”  ― Ramana Pemmaraju

So, last Wednesday I was invited out to lunch with a lady friend. I did not particularly want our time together to end. My dining companion has been a wonderful person to get to know over the past seven years. I love her spirited approach to living. At 86 years young, Nancy is moving away from Colorado to be closer to her son in California. Until now she has been a senior who has lived very independently.

She is bright, creative and her command of the English language is something I can only aspire to. She is an artist – a painter, poet, writer and a voracious learner. Despite her age, her inquisitive mind continues to ask, seek and question. I met her at church and her faith is deep.

We’ve watched Richard Schmid painting videos together, have seen the film about artist Gustav Klimt’s famous painting The Woman in Gold and other movies. We’ve had meaningful conversations traveling in the car and at various functions that we have attended together due to our common interests.

I wanted to give her a little parting gift, made from the heart  because I have so enjoyed our friendship. I delivered it to her when we had lunch together.bag

I wrote a little ditty and enclosed it in the package.It went like this:

The wind doth blow in San Francisco, you know

When you are feeling pale as heck,

Wrap these colors around your neck,

Then go out and take a short mosey

and you will feel more rosy.

I hope what I made from my heart to give to Nancy will be passed along to someone else when it’s life with her is finished. In a few weeks she will be moving along to her next destination in her life journey. But she will not be forgotten. My life has been enriched for having known her.

Here is what was inside the package.


Look forward to seeing you tomorrow on All Things Fulfilling.

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Film Friday: Woman in Gold

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Coming to theatres April 1st! Woman in Gold is film I’ve  put on my Gotta See List. It stars Academy Award winning actress Helen Mirren and it is based on a real story of a case that was taken to the Supreme Court. It is about the magnificent painting “Portrait of Adele Boch- Bauer”  by Gustav Klimt. The artwork, hailed as the “Mona Lisa of Austria,” was taken during the Nazi regime and the movie is about a family’s desire to have the painting removed from a museum in Vienna and returned to its rightful place.

Check out this film trailer, and put this on your list of upcoming movies to see if you are a person who loves book to movie adaptations and if you appreciate art history.

Have a great weekend, everyone. See you back here on All Things Fulfilling on Monday.

This blog is brought to you by award-winning author Sue Batton Leonard.


Movies for Art Buffs

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“All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree.”  ~ Albert Einstein 

Happy Arbor Day, on this Film Friday! It has been a busy week, so the blog today will be brief.  So often we have featured historical art fiction books on this blog site. Today, we will fulfill the needs of movie buffs who like to watch films about art and artists. Here are ten top favorite movies on this subject: 

1-      Pollack – About the abstract expressionist painter

2-      Basquiat –  The life of the 1980’s graffiti artist

3-      The Agony and the Ecstasy – A Biography of the genius of Michelangelo

4-      Art School Confidential –  This film was inspired by comic strip by Daniel Clowes

5-      Dirty Pictures –  About a controversial exhibit of photos by Robert Mapplethorpe

6-      Frida – Mexican surrealist painter Frida Kahlo is featured in this film

7-      Goya in Bordeaux –A biographical film aboutFrancisco Goya, Spanish romantic painter of the 18th and 19th century.

8-      I Shot Andy Warhol – About the woman who tried to shoot pop artist Andy Warhol.

9-      Klimt – A 2006 Austrian film about Gustav Klimt, the artist of the famous painting The Kiss.

10-  My Left Foot – An Oscar was won for the actor portraying the Irish artist born with cerebral palsy who made art using his left foot.

To see the full list of the top 20 art films, please visit

Enjoy the weekend, and we will be back on Monday with more independent thoughts, words and views!  

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