Window into a Composer

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Advent – Day #11   A Window into a Composer

Art has long been associated with churches. As I sat in the Holy Name Catholic Church last Friday listening to the beautiful composition The Messiah from composer George Frederick Handel,  I was reminded of how so much music has lasted through the ages.

In “My Beloved,” chapter 16 in my award-winning memoir Gift of a Lifetime:Finding Fulfilling Things in the Unexpected, I  kept the legacy of Frederick N. Crouch alive. This ballad was written in 1837 and the family connection is explained in the chapter.

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Alive for the Ride

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“We should come home from new adventures, and perils, and new discoveries everyday with new experience and character.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

Remember getting carsick on family road trips? I didn’t often have that problem, but my sister did. Our big ole station wagon with the wooden sides had three bench seats in it and to a child, it seemed nearly as wide as a yacht.

car stuffingTo a family of six, it didn’t matter how large the car was, when we went on vacation, there still was not enough room.

My father always folded the third seat down and packed it to the ceiling, leaving minimal room for us kids.

In the way back  there was no room for sitting up. My youngest brother, Scott and I always got relegated to the far back of the station wagon. My sister always claimed she’d get carsick if she didn’t sit up and face forward.Scott and I had to lay flat out with our noses hitting the ceiling because of the heaps of luggage and gear beneath us. Being the two more passive children in the family, we didn’t complain too much -only every other minute. Actually, I was glad I was alive to be going along for the ride! Now I look back and think if only audio books had been invented. Anything would have been more entertaining than staring straight up at the ceiling!

Speaking of taking to the road, I recently read that Baltimore film producer, John Waters is hitchhiking across the country and writing chronicals of his life on the road in his publication called Carsick. To read the article from the Towson Patch and to listen to his radio interview about his adventures, please visit this link.

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