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Achievement is not the most important thing – authenticity is.” ~ Unknown

There is a lot to be said for being a resourceful person, and the independent film industry has a budget conscious filmmaker who used all his smarts to produce a film that is both historically correct and thrilling. Every detail of the film was planned and produced in the most economical way possible to bring the feature film to fruition and yet, it can still boast of drawing big name stars, James Cromwell and Michael Wincott, into the cast.

The movie? A Lonely Place for Dying and at the helm in the director’s seat is Justin Evans. Many of the crew members filled multiple rolls, which allowed the movie to stay within budget. Digital visual effects authentically brought back 1972 and recreated everything from backdrops to sounds and sights of this period piece.

This award-winning film continues to make its rounds on the film festival circuit and it has already secured foreign film distribution rights. I look forward to seeing it! Finally, my husband and I will be able to see what our son,Marc, was so entrenched in from a very surprising place! Marc Leonard and Daniel Broadway were the visual effects artists for the film.

For more information on this thrilling independent film, the director, the writer and how the visual effects were done, pick up the Summer 2010 issue of Movie Maker Magazine off the newsstand or subscribe at Look for the article  Period Piece on the Cheap.  And to check out what else this independent film production company is up to, visit

Actor James Cromwell, in “A Lonely Place for Dying.”

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