Rough and Ready

We ship our client’s independently published films and books all across the country, and all over the world, from sea to shining sea. This morning, an order will go out to an artist in New South Wales, Australia. Give me the name of a town, and I can probably tell you what state it it is in. I have seen them all.

A few years ago, we received an internet order and the shipping address was Rough and Ready.  Rough and Ready, California that is. I almost thought it was “junk mail”, an order from someone submitting a bogus address just because they had nothing better to do. So, I looked it up – sure enough, it was a real address and a real town! As it turns out, Rough and Ready, California is a mining town between Grass Valley and Penn Valley. If my memory serves me right, named by a bunch of Wisconsin goldminers that had gone out to California to seek their fortune.

Maybe someone ought to produce a film, a  western perhaps, on Rough and Ready, California.  Share it with those interested in seeing just what this Rough and Ready California is really all about!

Until I get to Rough and Ready myself, I will just have to look at the view out my window in Steamboat Springs, CO. It is a pretty nice place to be!