Vintage Ski Family

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Stretch pants – the garment that made skiing a spectator sport.  ~ Author Unknown

IMG_20150526_111915_634I was greeted by sweet Sophie, a stunning cocker spaniel, when I walked into Mountain Traditions. With her smatterings of white and black markings, she reminded me of a container of Oreo cookie ice cream. I’m such a softie when it comes to dogs. I heard her say she wanted to come home with me, I swear I did.  But her owner, Kenton Stratton wouldn’t let her. He said she likes greeting customers too much and she would miss it.

So, I stayed awhile and visited with Sophie and enjoyed the nice variety of vintage ski images in the store which took me back to my childhood days of skiing with my family. Seeing the wooden posters was almost as good as a trip through a ski history museum, such as The Tred of Pioneers here in Steamboat or the ski history museum in Vail or the Vermont Ski Museum in Stowe. I love seeing the old ski fashions and ski equipment displayed. It’s fun stuff.

If you are a baby boomer who grew up skiing with your mom and dad and your siblings like I did, you’ll relate to these images. They make great gifts!

I am grateful that I was able to get permission from Kenton Stratton to take these photographs to share with you. Take a trip down memory lane through these vintage ski images or better yet, go visit Sophie at Mountain Traditions in her new location in the Lower Courtyard of Old Town Square, 635 Lincoln Avenue, Steamboat Springs, CO. Take a dog biscuit with you, Kenton says Sophie is always hungry!






Want some of these vintage placards to decorate the walls of your ski house or chalet but it’s too far to travel? Visit the website.


So, family – when are you coming out to Steamboat? 

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Effervescent Spirit of the West

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Nature always wears the color of spirit.” ~  Ralph Waldo Emerson 

I tried fishing the pools, the bucket, in the riffles and at the tops and tails of running water in the clear, cool river, to no avail. Not even a fingerling was interested in the wet or dry flies that I had to offer the other day. 

No matter, it was a glorious day of angling out on the Elk River in Steamboat Springs,Colorado. It was fulfilling enough just wading in the water up and down the shoreline. I listened and watched the water as it tripped and cascaded over the river rock making the way downstream. In some areas the water rushed and gushed by me and in other parts of the river it gently meandered past. 

Standing in the stream, knee deep, I couldn’t help but think of the life giving properties of water for human consumption and for our crops. I breathed deeply the scent of rotting leaves and became lost in my own thoughts of just how precious and few the days are here in Steamboat without the white winter goddess called Snow. The landscape has already turned from green to grey, the few leaves that are still left on the aspens are now gold – what many shopkeepers, galleries, businessowners,  restaurants and hotels hope to find in the upcoming season of winter. 

In a  resort town, it’s important that tourists and travelers find lots of sparkle on the mountain but also in the spirit of the people who serve them. To survive in a seasonal economy, it helps to have visitors return at all times of year to visit the Elk RiverValley, and to talk with others in other places about the bountiful beauty of the scenery and the people. 

The residents of Steamboat easily share their effervescent spirit. Many people would say there is no other place they’d rather be. It’s an inspirational place that people write ” they’d love to call home.”

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