Rock Solid Performance

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“Come on Dad! We’re going rock climbing!” My husband looked at my son and didn’t argue. He is always up for an athletic adventure.

“I’m coming too!” I said.

It was the day after Christmas. My son and his gal wanted to treat my husband to a new experience. Off we went to Stone Age Climbing Gym. After the three got suited up with harnesses, rope, chalk bags, belay and rappeling equipment we four stood looking straight up at the wall my husband was about to tackle. As he began his ascent, the man on belay (my son) yelled out instructions. “Go, Dad, go!” Terry look another step up.

“You are doing well!” Marc said with a grin on his face, after his father began to progress further. “Are you weary?”

“A little, mostly my forearms,” my husband yelled down.

“Then let go! I have you,” our son yelled out. I sat behind him on a bench watching my husband dangle from the rope, forty feet up in the air. In order to take a load off his legs, arms and hands he had to surrender himself from the challenge for a few minutes.  After a short break, Terry continued climbing.

“Reach higher, you are almost to the top!” Marc yelled up about 20 minutes later.

Marc turned to me and said “Mom, I’m really impressed. Dad is doing as well on his first attempt as young guys my age. There seems to be no fear of heights or falling!” It was interesting to see the role reversal between father and son. My husband has spent a lifetime coaching athletes.

Terry’s first attempt at a rock climbing experience was a great success. When I asked him if he’d like to repeat it, he said, “Only if I am with Marc.  There is a level of trust and faith in others involved in it.”

“I could see that,” I said, as I thought about my husband dangling from the rope only anchored by my son.

terry rock climbing


Come on back tomorrow, I will be sharing my own new adventure into the New Year. I’m a little apprehensive because I am not quite sure what to expect from myself. But, I’m entering this new experience with a positive outlook.

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Mother Nature Brings Mixed Messages

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“Trust is built with consistency.” ~ Lincoln Chaffee

Hello…. Mother Nature, are you there? Can you hear me?

I think you are confused. This is not the winter season. It is only the 7th of October, yet on the 4th you sent us frigid messages. One day, it was nearly 70 and the next I looked out the window and saw your coat of winter white on the ground. It’s very nice of you to shield the earth so early but the leaves have not even fallen. It’s crazy. You are getting awful anxious and way ahead of yourself! Are you suffering from seasonal affective disorder?

Winter-Blues-1What ever happened to the golden aspens quaking on the trees, pumpkins in the fields waiting to be harvested and the amber waves of grain? Now, I can’t even see them. They’ve been hidden. Who ever told you I want to skip over the fulfilling harvest season?

People say that “I should trust that everything is as it should be” but, I am beginning to question your judgment. How can I have faith in you when you are so moody? I pine for a slow, long transition from summer into fall…but all I have gotten is a slap of snow in the face. People haven’t even had a chance to stack their woodpiles for winter. I am certainly not ready. I’ve yet to smell the rotting leaves on the ground, and you’ve already brought us your winter chill and white mess. I hope you get rid of it. I don’t want a foot of it hanging around already.

Mother Nature…I think you need an attitude adjustment. You ought to be a little more gentle with us so we can we transition from one season to another. After all, it was just summer!  Please don’t be angry….I’m just sayin’… I am not ready. Although Winter Blues is probably a very helpful book for those who need it, I’d much rather buy a new beach novel.

October 4 one

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