Out of the Deep Freeze

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 “It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.”– Edmund Hillary

When you live in the mountains, spring can be forever in coming. Mother Nature loves to torment and taunt with fickle weather for a long, long time.

One day it is sunny and warm, the next day we are thrust back into winter leaving us confused as what to put on for clothing in the morning. Just when you think you should leave behind the winter weight clothing and spring ahead into lighter, brighter garments, the cold temperatures return again. Makes you feel like climbing back under the covers.

Somewhere between Winter & s

This is how I look and feel this time of year. The beginnings of growth and renewal of spirit have begun to creep over me yet, part of me is still frozen in the previous season.

Today on All Things Fulfilling, I’d like to share with you an article about 21 Things to Do This Spring to Lift your Beaten Down Spirit.

What’s the first thing I’m going to do to start ticking off the list? My husband just filled my bike tires with air. A slow, meadering bike ride through the neighborhood dreaming of when the landscape turns green with colorful flowers will do much to lift the spirit. It will also begin to build the muscles I’ve neglected all winter when my only form of exercise was walking.

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Mother Nature Brings Mixed Messages

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“Trust is built with consistency.” ~ Lincoln Chaffee

Hello…. Mother Nature, are you there? Can you hear me?

I think you are confused. This is not the winter season. It is only the 7th of October, yet on the 4th you sent us frigid messages. One day, it was nearly 70 and the next I looked out the window and saw your coat of winter white on the ground. It’s very nice of you to shield the earth so early but the leaves have not even fallen. It’s crazy. You are getting awful anxious and way ahead of yourself! Are you suffering from seasonal affective disorder?

Winter-Blues-1What ever happened to the golden aspens quaking on the trees, pumpkins in the fields waiting to be harvested and the amber waves of grain? Now, I can’t even see them. They’ve been hidden. Who ever told you I want to skip over the fulfilling harvest season?

People say that “I should trust that everything is as it should be” but, I am beginning to question your judgment. How can I have faith in you when you are so moody? I pine for a slow, long transition from summer into fall…but all I have gotten is a slap of snow in the face. People haven’t even had a chance to stack their woodpiles for winter. I am certainly not ready. I’ve yet to smell the rotting leaves on the ground, and you’ve already brought us your winter chill and white mess. I hope you get rid of it. I don’t want a foot of it hanging around already.

Mother Nature…I think you need an attitude adjustment. You ought to be a little more gentle with us so we can we transition from one season to another. After all, it was just summer!  Please don’t be angry….I’m just sayin’… I am not ready. Although Winter Blues is probably a very helpful book for those who need it, I’d much rather buy a new beach novel.

October 4 one

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Independent Spirit of Spring

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Winter is on my head, but eternal spring is in my heart.” – Victor Hugo 

My reserves of inspiration are nearly empty. It happens this time of year. By March, I feel completely hemmed in and surrounded by white. The paper, The Steamboat Pilot, states “we have received over 272 inches of snow this season.” Winter is not over yet, the vernal equinox hasn’t even arrived. All I have to do is look out the window and see the snow banks. There they are, piled high, shouting out “we promise, we are doing all we can to delete your memories of a world with color.” 

 To add insult to injury, my mother e-mailed me this morning to say that she and my sister are going to the Philadelphia Flower Show on Thursday. “Great,” I think. “Wish I could join you, every color in the spectrum will be represented. Perhaps, next year?” But, here I sit, trying to fill in this blank paper with color. The field of ideas is looking as vacant as the landscape. 

I can’t fight Mother Nature. She will go about her way, with her independent spirit and bring us spring whenever she feels good and ready.  So, rather than stay stuck on this blog writing that is shallow in creativity, as soon as the thermometer rises above 10 degrees, I’m going for my daily walk. I’ll enjoy the sapphire blue sky that has brought exquisite color to these mountainous, barren lands that are devoid of the sight of morning glories, the scent of the New Dawn roses and birdsong heralding in warmer weather.

yellow_crocus_flowers_in_the_snow_1600x1279I’ll walk and remember the tastes of tender, garden-fresh asparagus, fiddle head ferns. I’ll chant  “the days are getting longer and the sun is getting stronger”  and stay focused on knowing “that God always fulfills his promise; spring never fails us.” 

Today as I amble, I’ll check to see if spring is around the corner. I’m hopeful it’s hiding under a stone by the YampaRiver, just waiting to surprise me.

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