Sour to Sunny Moods

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Julie AndrewsI am posting this image on the Vernal Equinox  for the benefit of my mother. Our family traveled many, many miles together on road trips. Most of them were pleasurable except when we four kids started fighting. Every time the mood in the car began to turn sour, my mother engaged us in singing songs from our favorite movie – The Sound of Music. Then the atmosphere began to lighten , better moods sprung up and we’d forget about our troubles with our brothers and sisters.

Ah, yes, as with every family there are instigators and peacemakers among us, but I am not going to point any fingers. Besides, “I can’t remember if I am the good sister or the evil sister.” Each of my siblings would probably tell you a different story! They all have their own  independent opinions, which was the reason the fights began in the first place. There isn’t one among us who doesn’t have a  strong view on everything in life.

Which do you think I might be? A peacemaker or instigator? Hey now, keep your opinion to yourself . Today is the International Day of Happiness and the vernal equinox is supposed to be about balance and harmony in the cosmos. Let’s not open a can of worms until Monday!

Do come back to All Things Fulfilling tomorrow – I’ll tell you about the road trip I am taking this weekend.

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Independent Spirit of Spring

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Winter is on my head, but eternal spring is in my heart.” – Victor Hugo 

My reserves of inspiration are nearly empty. It happens this time of year. By March, I feel completely hemmed in and surrounded by white. The paper, The Steamboat Pilot, states “we have received over 272 inches of snow this season.” Winter is not over yet, the vernal equinox hasn’t even arrived. All I have to do is look out the window and see the snow banks. There they are, piled high, shouting out “we promise, we are doing all we can to delete your memories of a world with color.” 

 To add insult to injury, my mother e-mailed me this morning to say that she and my sister are going to the Philadelphia Flower Show on Thursday. “Great,” I think. “Wish I could join you, every color in the spectrum will be represented. Perhaps, next year?” But, here I sit, trying to fill in this blank paper with color. The field of ideas is looking as vacant as the landscape. 

I can’t fight Mother Nature. She will go about her way, with her independent spirit and bring us spring whenever she feels good and ready.  So, rather than stay stuck on this blog writing that is shallow in creativity, as soon as the thermometer rises above 10 degrees, I’m going for my daily walk. I’ll enjoy the sapphire blue sky that has brought exquisite color to these mountainous, barren lands that are devoid of the sight of morning glories, the scent of the New Dawn roses and birdsong heralding in warmer weather.

yellow_crocus_flowers_in_the_snow_1600x1279I’ll walk and remember the tastes of tender, garden-fresh asparagus, fiddle head ferns. I’ll chant  “the days are getting longer and the sun is getting stronger”  and stay focused on knowing “that God always fulfills his promise; spring never fails us.” 

Today as I amble, I’ll check to see if spring is around the corner. I’m hopeful it’s hiding under a stone by the YampaRiver, just waiting to surprise me.

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Discovering Spring in Unknown Places


Billions and billions of planets and stars are out there, and behind them all are God.” ~ Billy Graham

I’ve been on the lookout, believe me, I have! I am finding few fulfilling signs of spring. From my point of view here in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, signs of the vernal equinox are hard to come by – a paltry showing of spring crocuses emerging out from under the snow, no baby bunnies scurrying in the grass, not even a bloomin’ forsythia in sight. 

But wait! Spring is more than about the sweet aroma of the lilacs, spying speckled robin eggs in a nest and witnessing the unfolding of the fiddlehead ferns. Spring is about rejuvenation and renewal of spirit, too – seeing the world again through the eyes of a child. Stepping out of old routines and starting anew. It means keeping the faith and trusting that a new season will arrive even in times of doubt. 

Have you ever heard the expression when in doubt do the next right thing? Well, that is exactly what I intend to do. I am not going to sit here and wallow in self-pity that spring has not arrived at my back door. I am going to collect myself and move in a positive direction and go find something inspiring. 

Who knows where or what it will be. But, I’ll promise you one thing. Today, I start looking! I am going to discover something  new.  I am going to keep the faith and believe that whatever “it” is will bring new energy and vitality to my life. And the next day after that – who knows!  Maybe I will find a big, huge sandbox to go play in. 

Will let you know exactly how and when a reawakening arrives in my heart and my head. Tune in tomorrow for an update on life as I see it. Stay in touch.

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