Filling My Basket

From heav’nly thoughts all true delight doth spring.” ~ Thomas Campion 
As you will remember from yesterday’s blog, I was bound and determined to go find spring. But there was no need – spring came and found me! 
Yesterday, as I took my daily lunchtime walk, I was drawn to a rock along the shoreline of  the Yampa River. I decided to sit and stay awhile. The river flowed loudly and briskly by, waters high from the snowmelt, cascading down from the upper elevations of the Rocky Mountains. As I sat, I began to drift slowly and deeply into my own thoughts of our upcoming Easter reunion with our son. Guess what happened? I was roused by “quack, quack…quack, quack, quack!” Two little mallard ducks floated nearby. Climbing out of the river to greet me, I watched the little ducklings waddle, and peck at the ground looking for earthworms. I thought “these two little ducks have come to give me a message –  be patient, spring is on the way.” 

Often we search only for outward signs of spring – changes in the weather and landscape.  But, in the stillness and silence of a moment, we realize that an awakening of spirit comes from within. We need to listen. Feelings of rejuvenation and renewal can come in unexpected ways and during unanticipated times. 

I am going to take a break from the blogging world. I will return after Easter. I am going to take time to discover subtle changes in my own spirit. I will say goodbye to winter, for once and for all, and allow spring to enter and settle within my soul. I will be spending time with my loved ones making more memories as a family and piling our baskets high with All Things Fulfilling. I will keep you posted as to how my spring unfolds.

 Happy Easter to You! May you find re-birth and renewal in your life,  in your own special way!

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Discovering Spring in Unknown Places


Billions and billions of planets and stars are out there, and behind them all are God.” ~ Billy Graham

I’ve been on the lookout, believe me, I have! I am finding few fulfilling signs of spring. From my point of view here in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, signs of the vernal equinox are hard to come by – a paltry showing of spring crocuses emerging out from under the snow, no baby bunnies scurrying in the grass, not even a bloomin’ forsythia in sight. 

But wait! Spring is more than about the sweet aroma of the lilacs, spying speckled robin eggs in a nest and witnessing the unfolding of the fiddlehead ferns. Spring is about rejuvenation and renewal of spirit, too – seeing the world again through the eyes of a child. Stepping out of old routines and starting anew. It means keeping the faith and trusting that a new season will arrive even in times of doubt. 

Have you ever heard the expression when in doubt do the next right thing? Well, that is exactly what I intend to do. I am not going to sit here and wallow in self-pity that spring has not arrived at my back door. I am going to collect myself and move in a positive direction and go find something inspiring. 

Who knows where or what it will be. But, I’ll promise you one thing. Today, I start looking! I am going to discover something  new.  I am going to keep the faith and believe that whatever “it” is will bring new energy and vitality to my life. And the next day after that – who knows!  Maybe I will find a big, huge sandbox to go play in. 

Will let you know exactly how and when a reawakening arrives in my heart and my head. Tune in tomorrow for an update on life as I see it. Stay in touch.

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