Wisdom from Artists

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“A good teacher, like a good entertainer, first must hold his audiences attention, then he can teach his lesson.” ~ John Henrik Clarke

Last week, when I was pouring over Southwest Art Magazine, I came across an article called Drawn to the Garden, featuring artist Kathy Anderson and her gorgeous floral still life paintings. http://bit.ly/XleImY. Being an avid perennial gardener, I was instantly drawn to the article, even though dabbling in paint is not a medium I work in.

Anderson spoke of the honor she felt when invited by Richard Schmid to “come paint with the Putney Painters.” She discussed in the article what she learned from working side-by-side with Nancy Guzik,  co-founder of the group. Guzik’s advice to Anderson was “to look over every single spot (on a painting) and make sure it is beautiful.” To read the full story, pick up the April issue of Southwest Art in your library, at the bookstore or at the newsstand.

These words of wisdom are useful to anyone who wishes to become a craftsman in any profession. After all, the definition of an artist according to the dictionary is “person who produces works in any of the arts that are primarily subject to aesthetic criteria.”

I am taking Guzik’s words to heart, and spending time once more, looking over every spot of my manuscript, to do all I humanly can to provide a narrative that will help others understand the path I’ve walked, and perhaps bloom and grow aesthetically, themselves, when they read my story.

Today, I am feeling grateful that in my gardenful of experiences in life,  I have come to know some of the finest painters of our time, such as Nancy Guzik, the late Timothy Thies and Richard Schmid, just to name a few. And I continue to learn from mentor, Kristen Thies,Click here for Guzik & Thies publications  who gave me roots  to understand the value art has in my life. Click for Richard Schmid painting videos

timothy thies painting

  Painting by the late Timothy R. Thies©

Photo credit:© Terry Leonard

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