Life Affirming Elements

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Dreams of the westI love this image by photographer David Stoecklein.  It reminds me of the “no holds barred” attitude of Western living.

Fear of failure is the top reason why people are afraid to take risks in life. Understandable. It does feel better to succeed and fulfill our dreams, than to fail at something. However, getting out of our comfort zones, teaches us valuable life lessons and if failure happens, we learn how to find alternatives or solutions. For entrepreneurs, business people and innovators these are very important life skills to acquire.

There’s an interesting article about careers and job recruitment that states one of the top qualities that employers look for in this day and age is flexibility. If you are not quite sure how adaptable you are compared to others who are in the job  marketplace, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator will give you some insight into whether you have skills suited for various kinds of employment. If you wish to learn more, please follow this link .

Creative people love to discover and explore. It’s taken me a while to fully understand that more options come with being flexible in life – I’ve had some exciting opportunities! It has been said “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t force them to drink.” Thankfully, I have been thirsty and have taken-in a good dose of life affirming elements.

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