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A family home, built in 1898 by Dr. Howard Atwood Kelly, was the venue of a special evening last week. I, and perhaps others, would consider the man who owned and built the home to be a “pioneering medical intuitive.” The gathering was all about art and connection bringing the energy of creatives, of all mediums together. Visual artists, literary artists, floral artists as well as performing artists were present and were among those who believe in the power of art to inspire, motivate, heal and illuminate our lives. People who understand and embrace the concept are especially well-tuned into improving the wellness of communities.

Medical practitioners are beginning to fully understand some of the ideas Dr. Kelly presented in his writings, published more than 100 years ago, about the connection between nature and health and happiness of the mind, body, spirit. Our own creativity, given to everyone by a “higher being” is another holistic, life-affirming force. If we are open to this concept we can improve our moods, lift our spirits and help ourselves by alleviating stressors detrimental to our health by being one with nature and using our creative energy.

Today, I’d simply like to thank the Bel Art Arts and Entertainment District as well as other sponsoring organizations such as the Maryland State Arts Council and the Harford Artists Association and the Town of Bel Air and Harford County Cultural Arts Board for providing the opportunity for creatives to come together for the common purpose of “art and heart.” It was a wonderful evening at the Liriodendron Mansion.

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