Yearnings Fulfilled

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Not only was it Coronation Day for the King of England and the winner of the Kentucky Derby, it was a splendid day all around. The annual crowning event which Ladew Topiary Gardens in Monkton, Maryland is known for, was as wonderful as ever. Not only was I interested in browsing the vendor booths which had all the makings for “proper” English gardens such as statuary, wrought iron garden accents, herb topiaries, planters and pots and birdhouses and more, I was excited to meet with the 2023 Artists in Residence. A husband and wife highly thought of in the world of elite artists who work primarily in oils.

About thirteen years ago, I’d met Quang Ho and saw his painting demonstration in Colorado, thanks to Richard Galusha and Shirley Stocks of Wild Horse Gallery. But I’d yet to meet Quang’s wife, Adrienne Stein, and had always yearned to do so.

Quang tweaks the floral arrangement to make it a bit more picture-worthy from the angle he was painting from.

Adrienne chose a colorful border garden close to where Quang was painting so on-lookers could easily walk back and forth between the two demonstrations.

For several hours, I watched the two paint. It was interesting to see the very different processes and artistic styles the two had, starting with the blank canvases until nearly the end. Each amply and equally as talented. Quang’s florals are painted with a softer, spare touch, leaning toward a more classical style. Where as Adrienne’s style is more heavy handed, as seen in her large- scale paintings which are often floral paired with bold femininity figurative. They are densely saturated with color, often described as mystical in nature. Their paintings will be exhibited throughout the year at Ladew’s Barn Gallery.

Artists in Residence, Adrienne Stein and Quang Ho will be returning many times as there is never a shortage of things the two will enjoy painting. Evergreen topiaries, twigs, bushes and berries, abandoned birds nests, seed pods, or dried withered leaves and drooped flowers coated with hoarfrost are paint-worthy too. The two, well-tuned into painting outside the studio walls, will find lots of interesting things for their canvases at Ladew during the non-gardening months also.

A third artist in resident at Ladew Topiary Gardens for 2023 whose large installations are located in the wildflower field, will be featured on on May 12th.. Do return!

But, before you go, enjoy a few photos from the Ladew Topiary Gardens signature event which happens early in May every year.

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