Part 2 – Yearning Fulfilled

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Welcome back to Part 2 of a post about the 2023 Artists in Residence at Ladew Topiary Gardens. If you missed part 1, I’d encourage you to visit the article.

Every year it’s’ interesting to see which artists have been chosen to be featured at Ladew. Along with Quang Ho and Adrienne Stein, Sam Christian Holmes is the third artist for this year. His medium of work  in this exhibition are large installations, which he calls “totems.” They are especially visible at this time of year in the wildflower field. As the growing season progresses, and as the closely cropped field begins to prosper with new greenery and blooms, the totems will be seen a little differently later in the season than how they now appear in the landscape.

The artist encourages all who see his sculptures made from metal accented with what looks like oversized-looking beads of assorted color and shapes, to stop and have a conversation with oneself. How do the shapes, colors, cylinders, ellipses seen in the meadow serve as beacons to the cosmos and the spiritual rhythms of ourselves and the Universe?

I encourage you to visit Sam Christian Holmes website where you can learn more about his vision for his art, the various mediums he works with and where he has taught in the community and at institutions of higher learning.


In the Art Barn of Ladew Gardens, there are more paintings from Quang Ho and Adrienne Stein, along with some works of other artists such as Michael Bare, Palden Hamilton, Sam Robinson and Joanne Bare. Do check them out when you visit the gardens of Harvey S Ladew which are said to be one of the “10 incredible topiary gardens around the world.”

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