Star Time


Fulfilling feelings are the best words I can find at this moment to describe how I felt on Saturday as I shared the proof copy of “Gift of a Lifetime: Finding Fulfilling Things in the Unexpected” with the attendees of the monthly Colorado Independent Publishers Association meeting.

At each monthly meeting there is “Star Time” – the opportunity for authors to take the stage, with microphone in hand, and make announcements of book signings, accomplishments, new publications and the likes. I am usually the observer. My chance always comes each month when the associate service providers to the Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA) stand and give a short description of how their company serves the industry of independent publishing. That’s the group I am accustomed to standing along side.

Finally, this month, I was in both line-ups! As a newly published author and a service provider! Hard to describe my feelings of accomplishment! Yay!!!

celebrate accomplishment. jpg

Have you recently published a book and are looking for a little “star time?” There is nothing that says “STAR” better than winning a book award. The Colorado Independent Publishers Association is accepting non-member submissions to their annual book award contest, “The EVVYs.” For information on contest rules, and submission fees, please visit You have until May 16th to submit! But don’t wait until the last minute!

This blog brought to you by See you tomorrow –  over the next two days I will be sharing stories that are just a little messy. But I may as well take ownership, they are part of my personal history and story.

Film Friday: Miracle Dogs


There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face–Ben Williams

Dubbed “man’s best friend,” dogs have been the subject of research on the health benefits of owning a pet. Overall, people who own dogs tend to be healthier according to this article.

I’ve had the companionship of a dog for the majority of my life. We lost our 17 year old “Sasha” about 3 years ago, and life doesn’t quite seem the same without having a pooch around. I miss having a dog to greet us when we come home. And most of all, I miss having a walking companion. Walking with a dog adds extra purpose to every step. Owner and pet stay fit – mentally, physically and spiritually – that is if you believe dogs have a spiritual life. They do seem to have an exalted adoration for people who feed them!

I believe that loving a pet of any kind has the same kind of benefits that come with caring for others through volunteer work. Both allow a person to step outside of their own wants and needs and care about someone else, which breeds fulfilling feelings.

marc and pup pupI do have an adorable little pup-pup that I’m able to see every so often. I call her my dingo grand doggie –  her name is  Weston. She’s owned by my son. I don’t believe I will be without a dog forever, but right now, it’s for the best.

My Film Friday movie suggestion “Miracle Dogs Too: An Inspirational Tale” might be a little sappy. But for those who believe that the relationship between dog owners and their pets has a healing connection you might enjoy watching it. Click here for info and ordering


See you on Monday! Have a great weekend. Marc – hang in there, Weston’s puppy behaviors will pass. Be patient, be committed and be consistent. And you already know what will follow “All things are possible for those who believe!” ~ The word according to the Bible.

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