Film Friday: Miracle Dogs


There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face–Ben Williams

Dubbed “man’s best friend,” dogs have been the subject of research on the health benefits of owning a pet. Overall, people who own dogs tend to be healthier according to this article.

I’ve had the companionship of a dog for the majority of my life. We lost our 17 year old “Sasha” about 3 years ago, and life doesn’t quite seem the same without having a pooch around. I miss having a dog to greet us when we come home. And most of all, I miss having a walking companion. Walking with a dog adds extra purpose to every step. Owner and pet stay fit – mentally, physically and spiritually – that is if you believe dogs have a spiritual life. They do seem to have an exalted adoration for people who feed them!

I believe that loving a pet of any kind has the same kind of benefits that come with caring for others through volunteer work. Both allow a person to step outside of their own wants and needs and care about someone else, which breeds fulfilling feelings.

marc and pup pupI do have an adorable little pup-pup that I’m able to see every so often. I call her my dingo grand doggie –  her name is  Weston. She’s owned by my son. I don’t believe I will be without a dog forever, but right now, it’s for the best.

My Film Friday movie suggestion “Miracle Dogs Too: An Inspirational Tale” might be a little sappy. But for those who believe that the relationship between dog owners and their pets has a healing connection you might enjoy watching it. Click here for info and ordering


See you on Monday! Have a great weekend. Marc – hang in there, Weston’s puppy behaviors will pass. Be patient, be committed and be consistent. And you already know what will follow “All things are possible for those who believe!” ~ The word according to the Bible.

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