Thankfully, Tuesday

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Technology is a gift of God. After the gift of life it is perhaps the greatest of God’s gifts. It is the mother of civilizations, of arts and of sciences.”
~Freeman Dyson

I’ll stand up for my opinion and say the gift of life IS the greatest of God’s gifts. And as for technology, for those who need it to succeed in their business and careers, it is pretty important. But, I think there are other values for me that would rank before it.

Today, I need to take a breather for myself and write a short blog. Things have been a bit hectic and crazy but that is a good thing. It means I am ever moving forward.

live gratitudeSome unexpected opportunities have popped up, and I have not let them pass me by without consideration and I am thankful. My words today are being kept to a minimum so I can bask in the change of seasons, so that’s about all I am saying.

Until now, I hadn’t taken the time to pause and appreciate what a wonderful summer I had and to make the transitional leap into fall.  We’ve already have a little snow on the mountains.  A little bird told me it’s just a tease, fall is not over yet.

Happy Harvest Season!

Photo Below: September 28, 2013  Snow in the Higher Elevations

sept 28 snow

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Harvest Home and Heart

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All freezes again – among the pines, winds whispering a prayer” ~ Rieki, 18th Century Japanese Poet

Last  night I had a strong reminder that winter is not too far away. As I stepped into the chill of the evening air, I was all but overcome by the pungent smells of autumn – rotting leaves and woodstove smoke.  Our sense of smell is heightened in the darkness of the night.

At this time of year, with every drop of precipitation, I say a prayer that the gorgeous guest of winter will decide not to arrive too early and stay too long.  I appreciate her presence when she first appears. She is white, pristine and new. But as she over stays her welcome every spring, she turns brown, dingy and old. I grow tiresome! As I age, the gap between fall and spring seems to be extended and the glamourous guest of winter, snow, does not quite fulfill me the way it used to. Rather than bemoan the fact that winter will have her way with me again this year, I think I will savor the sublime provisions of autumn and have a grateful heart that remembers the gift of life in all seasons.

Mysteries, such as the routine changing of the seasons, are profound. Thirteenth century mystic,  Dame Julian of Norwich, must have been thinking of nature as he declared “all shall be well, and all shall be well, and all matter of things shall be well.”

During this autumn season, be thankful for all matters of the heart, health, home and harvest.

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