A New Year – Life’s Puzzle Pin

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Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.” ~ Brad Paisley

The summer before last I had seen a few intriquing and thought-provoking pieces of jewelry that peaked my interest  at the Dorchester Art Center gift shop. This fall when I spoke to the Bayshore Bookies, a book group from Dorchester County, Maryland about my newly released memoir, Gift of a Lifetime: Finding Fulfilling Things in the Unexpected I stopped in once again.  I was hoping they still carried the objets d’art so I could get a second peak. Sure ‘nuf, they did.

The artisan, Joyce from  “Back in Tyme,” handcrafts the pins which I think are symbolic of what a New Year is all about. Take a look at the image of this pin. Creative, isn’t it?


To my way of looking at things,  each element crafted into the bauble represents a part of life:

Puzzle pieces. What’s to come in our futures is a mystery. Sometimes befuddling,  isn’t it?

Old clock (watch) pieces. Time passes by quickly. Sometimes we aren’t quite geared up for all that happens. Sometimes we lose track if we aren’t fully dialed in. Makes life interesting.

Feathers! We hope there is some “fluffy stuff” in our lives. That’s what makes it worthwhile living! Agree? As they say “when feathers appear, angels are near!” What a divine thought.

Sea glass. Like people, each particle has it’s own journey and it’s own story from tossing and tumbling.

A crescent moon-shaped object. We go through many “phases” in our lifetime from birth to death. The crescent moon has appeared in art throughout the ages because as Debbie Keil-Leavitt says, “it inspires us to think that it might be a cradle for our newly-born dreams.”

If you wish to read more about what Debbie Keil-Leavitt says about the power of the crescent moon, here is an interesting article, full of mysticism. http://bit.ly/1AYu7s9.

On this day before the New Year, I’d like to remind you to tune in and be grateful for each minute, each new hour and each new phase of your life. Embrace life’s surprises. Find fulfilling, positive things even in the difficult. Often times the little mysteries of life are gifts to be explored and discovered just like this inspirational piece of jewelry.

What are your dreams for the New Year? I hope you’ll actively pursue them.

NewYearClock 2015


Simple Gifts of Life

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Making-a-Happy-LifeHave you ever made a list of things that truly make you happy? When you get right down to it I’m a cheap date. I don’t need wining and dining out in fancy restaurants, riding around in fancy cars, a McMansion to live in, high-valued gems and jewels to decorate me. Those things really don’t hold much weight of importance in my book.

In fact, my “toys” include few things – some knitting needles, books, some pretty home decorating items that are meaningful to me, and some attractive artwork that appeals to my idea of beauty. Originals are nice but not required.

My idea of the best kind of plaything to acquire is a sweet, loyal and friendly dog who walks with me and is low maintenance except when it comes to cuddle time.

As I have “aged” I have an increasing appreciation for just being on this earth to witness the goodness and gifts that each day brings.

Here are seven things that in recent years I have learned bring me personal fulfillment. They are invaluable to my sense of personal happiness but hard to measure in dollars.


  • Allowing myself all the time I need to browse library shelves for a good read.
  • Warm, sunny days when I don’t have to wrap myself in layers.
  • Impressing myself  with my own creativity, motivation and resilience.
  • Down time to do something or nothing of my own choosing.
  • Hearing a voice that opens with that ever sunny “Hi, Mom!”
  • The luxury of sitting in a pew and listening to a hymn that is familiar from my childhood.
  • Connecting with others who have similar life values.
  • Space enough not to feel restricted and a place that reflects my tastes and personality.

How about you – what do you highly value in your life that you would put at the top of your “must have” list?

This blog brought to you by the award-winning author, Sue Batton Leonard. For information on her memoir Gift of a Lifetime: Finding Fulfilling Things in the Unexpected, please visit this link. http://amzn.to/1rA6fdU