Artist’s Predictions


“In all things, it is better to hope than despair.”  ~ Joann Wolfgang von Goethe

Someone sent me through the internet, an article about Vatican researcher, Richard Owen who has stated that daVinci predicted that the world will end on November 1, 4006 by a “universal flood.” (“The Times”, March 15, 2010). In daVinci’s “Last Supper” mural, the half-moon window above his painting of Christ with his disciples, contains a “mathematical and astrological” puzzle which has been deciphered to mean the flood will begin on March 21, 4006 and end the world, as we all know it now, on November 1, 4006. At which time, there will be a new start for humanity.

4006? Wow – we have a lot of generations to go before that time comes! I am happy to hear the world will not be ending before my time of natural death, whenever that may be. I have a lot of dreams to fulfill in my lifetime and humanity has a lot to accomplish in working towards a better world!

What gives me great hope is this generation of college graduates. Many of them have their eyes wide open to living and working in a more global world than past generations. There are brilliant students who have spent their college years studying foreign relations, international trade, e-commerce, other cultures and global environments as part of their curriculums.

Even some architectural students are thinking globally! My niece is a mid-year graduate of The Roger Williams University School of Architecture. For her masters thesis, she decided to plan and design a global project. She designed The Ocular Orientation Center, for those suffering from blindness and visual impairment, young and old. The Center was designed for a site in Chittagong, Bangladesh. She took into consideration every variable, such as climate, soil, topographical layout, local natural materials of the region and more, so that the school can be viably built. Her dream is to see this project come to fruition.

If daVinci’s predictions are correct, that is music to my ears! I want to see what is in store for this generation of college graduates. Despite the less than ideal economic situation at this moment, I think the up and coming generation of college graduates have a lot up their sleeves!

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