Joy in an Ordinary Day

One white rose

I  have had  careers in the hospitality/travel industry, as an insurance agent and branch manager, employment in the fine arts field, and now, as owner of an order fulfillment company specializing in e-Commerce. I have always enjoyed working. There is the good feeling of being productive, collaborating with co-workers and clients and the sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. No matter what type of work I have done, it has been satisfying. I guess it is all in the way that we look at things. And as they say, your outlook can determine your experience in life. I would much rather walk in the sun than in the clouds.

Some would say I am a stickler for details but, my feeling has always been the way I do my job is a reflection of my attitudes in life. I want to represent myself well!

Yesterday afternoon, I was a recipient of an email from C J Scarlett in North Carolina. She was writing  to tell me she had read my blog posts and I am “a  great writer.” Say what? For someone that just recently confessed to being a writer, it was pay back enough for the day’s work.  Maybe she was just spreading a dose of  kindness for the day. But, her comment was much appreciated and gave me JOY in an ordinary day!

See what you can do to spread a little kindness to someone each and every day!  See

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