Taking Stock of 2010


“Four things for success: work and pray, think and believe.”~ Norman Vincent Peale

The end of the first decade of 2000 is approximately two weeks away. It is time to take stock of the past year and begin to set a list of priorities for 2011. All in all, I have accomplished the majority of the personal goals that I had set for myself and as a business owner over the past decade.

High on the list of personally fulfilling things I can put on my list this year, are the many more opportunities I have had to share with others, information about the fascinating and growing industry of independent publishing. I have communicated my passion and impressions of the industry through many different avenues. It’s what it takes to be successsul at book markeitng too!

  • e-marketing
  • widespread internet presence
  • networking groups
  • at women’s retreats
  • Kiwanis International www.kiwanis.org
  • the bookstore
  • presentations with University women
  • speaking with church members
  • every day conversation.

I have heard stories of optimism and excitement from people who are just now learning about the shifts in the publishing world. Ordinary people who have stories to tell, through books, films, music and other media, are feeling they now have chance to do so.

What I find to be most satisfying is the vision that those who work in the independent publishing industry have for the future. It is inspiring what a community of people can accomplish, when they work cooperatively and collaboratively for the good of an industry. I am working among a group of professionals who have demonstrated that positive energy can be infectious and can bring great results.

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