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All progress occurs because people dare to be different.” ~ Harry Milner 

Can you remember when the most fulfilling way to start the day was sitting around the kitchen table with coffee cup and newspaper in hand? Used to be the only way to get your daily journal of news in-print was by subscribing and having it delivered to your mailbox or door in the wee hours of the morning, before the sun came up.  With the arrival of the internet, things have changed! 

The newspaper industry has been thrown into a quandary over how to keep their subscriber base with the availability of free content over the internet, through digital devices and applications that are being developed so quickly that it makes ones head spin. Newspaper publishing has been going through adjustment and re-tooling to keep up with this digital age of communication. 

Can traditional, in print, newspapers survive?  

Several months ago, the New York Times changed their policies on providing free content on-line. There is now a “pay-wall” for those who frequent their site for news content more than 20 times per month. Unlimited access to the New York Times has gone by the way-side. Will “pay walls” be a growing trend among newspapers? 

Monthly access to the Times site is available through smartphone applications for $15. To add accessibility through computers too, on an unlimited basis, the $35 per month subscriber fee is available through their “All Digital Access” plan. 

To encourage traditional subscribers to continue to receive newspapers in-print, there is a perk of unlimited mobile access as well as web-based access. This applies for those that subscribe to Sunday news only, too. For more information on digital subscriptions to the New York Times, please visit

There is a very interesting article on 5 myths of newspaper journalism and advertising. To read the article, please visit If you want to know even more, The Pew Research Center for Excellence in Journalism is studying the impact this digital age has on traditional newspaper publishing. Visit their on-line website, too.

No matter how you like to receive your news, in-print or through e-versions, keeping up with what is going on in the world will never go out of style!

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