A String of Summer Memories


Childhood is the most beautiful of all life’s seasons.” ~Author Unknown 

Yesterday’s blog writing about summertime in Steamboat Springs, Colorado set-off a string of magical childhood memories of growing up in ‘burbs of Baltimore in the 1950s and 60s. When I return to that time and place in my mind,  it is so fulfilling that I enjoy remaining stuck there; not rushing back into present day life. 

Our neighborhood was outside Baltimore City limits, developed as part of the post WWII surburban boom. The community was filled with children to play with. In our family, as was the case in most others, kids were shooed out the door to play and not allowed to spend much of the day in front of the TV. Had we spent the amount of time in front of screens as kids do in this digital age, it would have given our mother apoplexy. Instead of being inside, our summer days were filled with: 

  • Spontaneous BBQs and games of softball with neighborhood families.
  • Running through the neighborhood playing flashlight and catching fireflies (lightning bugs as we called them).
  • Basking in the sun until our skin turned a lovely shade of toast.
  • Playing in the stream that bordered our family’s multi-acre wooded property.
  • Gathering green moss and piecing it together to make moss mattresses, in the woods, resembling patchwork quilts.
  • Doing swan dives, cannonballs and back-ward flips off the diving board in our family pool.
  • Listening to hits of the 1960s on my treasured transistor radio. It came complete with a wrist strap.
  • SummertimeVacation Bible School at the church my Dad built. http://bit.ly/jA0Cpp.  
  • Selling colorful tissue paper flowers, we had made, outside the neighborhood store
  • Taking a drawing class at the YMCA (I was no better at drawing than playing the clarinet). Some things are just not meant to be! 

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4 thoughts on “A String of Summer Memories

  1. Such great memories, we are so lucky to have them! Kids today don’t know what they are missing, so many great things to explore outside in this beautiful world!

  2. Thank you for this beautiful post, Sue! It does bring back some of my own childhood memories and how special the summer holidays were.
    One of the things that I particularly remember about my childhood compared to what I have observed in children today is that we were good at creating our own entertainment. We didn’t have to have our holiday time organised for us. Of course there would be some pre-planned activities like trips to the beach, visits with friends or sleepovers, but my siblings and I and our neighbourhood friends mostly kept OURSELVES busy, as opposed to what I see today where parents seem to devote a lot of time and energy planning activities for their children, transporting them to other places and at times having to “pry” them away from technology-based entertainment.

  3. So true, Marie. Many, many children in today’s world have every waking minute planned out for them – leaving them no time to discover what it is TRUELY like to be a kid and using imagination in play.

    Thanks for your reply!

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