Focus, Fonts and Phones

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I love to create interesting textures with language.” ~Robert Morgan

I’ve detected an important discovery about my retention and comprehension while reading my 4th or 5th e-book that I  downloaded on my Android cell phone. Because there is a limited amount of text on a small screen at one time, my concentration is so much better. I’ve come to the conclusion it is because there is less distraction. Seems kind of crazy, but, I am getting more out of books when I read on a small digital screen. 

Having a mind that flits and floats and is in constant motion,  it makes reading (and remembering what I am reading) a challenge. It’s nothing new; a life long occurrence and probably the reason, I enjoy blogging. It serves as an outlet – turning my never still thoughts into writings. 

It’s been about seven or eight…or nine or ten years since I’ve been to the eye doctor, I know I need new prescription reading glasses. With an e-book I can increase the font if I need to. Comes in handy! Never would I have thought that the purchase of a cell phone would double as a great reading platform.

Lately, I’ve been shown several new independently published books that were printed in fonts too small for the average reader. Seeking the advice of a book printing company about the best font to use for readability is a wise thing to put on your check list of things to do when publishing; especially important if you are not planning on having a book available in electronic format. Best not to subject your readers to having to find a magnifying glass in order to comfortably read the words. It’s a turn-off. 

That’s all my independent thoughts words and views for today. Come back tomorrow, on Film Friday. We will be addressing how watching movies can help novelists.

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