Spirit of Fulfillment

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All that spirits desire, spirits attain.” ~Khalil Gibran 

It’s getting time to start doing some of the things that I reserve only for winter. Strange isn’t it? How with each season we have unique preferences for what brings us personal fulfillment. 

For me, and probably for others, home and hearth seem to be more on my mind after a glorious summer. When autumn arrives, I want that first slice of  pumpkin pie and a cup of warm mulled apple cider. I went to baking last weekend, and satisfied my palette. The pie was delicious and it warmed my spirits. 

As we merge into winter, outdoors time becomes less frequent and more time is spent indoors; probably why the emphasis on feathering our nests rises to the top in importance.

There is a unique blog site that addresses bringing warmth into your home and your life. Some people may find the article a little spooky. But, it is nearing the Halloween season and witches, goblins and ghosts appear everywhere, even in the blogosphere! http://bit.ly/Tbz0uC.

It’s time to figure out what makes your heart zing now that summer is over. So stir up the cauldron, rebuild your life by doing some of the things that bring happiness to you in the colder seasons. 

Return to All Things Fulfilling tomorrow. We will be highlighting a book that explains how our bodies and our emotions respond with changes in the weather. 

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