Fonts Intensify the Experience, Spooky!

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Over the past months, discussions keep cropping up with people who are publishing their first e-books or are converting books-in-print to e-books.  This has led to the subject of fonts, and how some fonts just do not work well in  digital publishing. I am sure with time, a larger variety of typeface will become available for e-books. There is a lot more to come in the growth of the industry. That is both exciting and scary to many people. 

Have you ever noticed how a font can really make a difference in the ease of reading?

Times New Romans is said to be the best for “easy on the eye” because it is a “serif typeface.” It is the default font for programs such as Word. 

Here is a very insightful article about the purpose of fonts in writing. You will learn how to  fulfill and enhance your objectives for a piece of writing by inserting mood and atmosphere using  certain fonts.

Today I’d like to share some examples of what impact using different fonts has on words. You’ll think differently about the utility of typeface after you see what an effect it has on text. 

See what I mean? The spookiness of these words is intensified all because of the font that’s been used.


Happy belated Halloween, everybody, from my house to yours! Return tomorrow for more independent thoughts, words and views from

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