Expectancy and Hope Worldwide

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 “Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful. ” ~Norman Vincent Peale  

Diversity in culture makes our world so interesting. Christmas unites children around the globe in emotions of expectancy and hope, awaiting a visit from Santa or St. Nick. In Belgium and France, Pere Noel is revered. Kerstmann comes to the Netherlands and Weihnachtsmann(Christmas Man) comes to Germany. In the United Kingdom children await the arrival of Father Christmas and Grandfather Frost (Ded Moroz) comes to Russia. 

This day before Christmas Eve, I would like to share some beautiful faces of children awaiting Christmas  around the globe. Worldwide, some children’s  dreams are fulfilled, thanks to generous people and organizations such as Operation Shoebox. To read more about the organization Samaritan’s Purse, please follow this link. http://bit.ly/T6T4kl

Return tomorrow to All Things Fulfilling for one more message for Christmas Eve.children and christmasIs he here yet?

chinese child closing eyes No peaking!

ethiopian children with crosses

Children in Ethopia, faithfully awaiting the story of Christmas 



Operation Shoebox, organized by Samaritan’s Purse delivers smiles to children all over the globe

scandanavian children

Scandanavian Children in native garb ready to celebrate

beautiful african american boy

Beaming all things beautiful

canadian children

No doubt about their heritage


In Peru, children as sweet as the lambs they hold.

africa child waving

Merry Christmas and blessings to you, too! 

 guatemala children

Sisters from Guatamala herald in Christmas together

 chinese children as santa

Appropriately dressed and waiting

 children learning

The Gift of Education

 child praying

Hands together in hope, faith and grace

worshipping the animals

Worshipping the Animals

santa lucia

Children – the light of the world.

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