Family Dynamics in Stories

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Our brothers and sisters are there with us from the dawn of our personal stories to the inevitable dusk.” ~ Susan Scarf Merrill 

Brother-for-saleOh, brother! How I can relate- there were many times when I was growing up that I felt just like the little girl in this image. 

Did you ever consider that sibling relationships are the longest bonds we will have in our lives with other people? There is a lot of research about how birth order affects our family ties. 

 There is an interesting interview on NPR about the sibling effect. Tune in and listen.

My siblings have been on my mind a lot recently since I have been writing a book which involves many universal issues, including human relationships. The manuscript has been in the hands of select advance readers, including a child psychologist  and the feedback has been invaluable.  I am most grateful for it and I’m wrapping up final revisions before the book is published. My very realistic goal is to have it complete this year.

My family has not read my manuscript. I didn’t want the dynamics of the book to be changed by the  opinions of family members. I’ve dropped only a few clues about the storyline, and they are chomping at the bit to read it. By now, they might  be questioning whether there is really a book in the making or whether I am  just  taunting them and  making teasing promises like when we were children.

Only kidding! I can hardly wait for my family to read it. They don’t know to what what extent they play roles in the storyline.

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