New Matrimonial Movie on Film Friday


In the opinion of the world, marriage ends all, as it does in a comedy.  The truth is precisely the opposite:  it begins all. “         ~Anne Sophie Swetchine

Magazine publishers are determined not to let us forget about the wedding of the Century between the Brits, William and Kate. “Collector’s Issues” of magazines featuring the Royal Wedding now line the racks of drugstores, grocery stores and news stands everywhere. 

Being released in just in time for the busiest month of the year for weddings, is the latest movie about marriage called “Bridesmaids.” It is opening in theatres today! From the sound of it, June brides may want to take time from putting the finishing touches on their plans for the big day, to go see it. It may put what seems like abnormal strain and stresses of planning and carrying off a wedding, into prospective. To watch a trailer of “Bridesmaids” or to listen to film critic Richard Roeper’s review of this new cinema release, please visit

Matrimony is a very serious commitment, yet hilarious and unexpected circumstances do sometimes occur even though every minute by minute detail has been organized and planned. Wedding day bloopers and blunders are the basis of many funny film parodies about this day of celebration. 

On this Film Friday, let’s mention a few other films about marriage that are popular picks:

      • Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
      • Princess Bride
      • My Big Fat Greek Wedding
      • Father of the Bride (Spencer Tracy)
      • Father of the Bride (Steve Martin)
      • The Bride of Frankenstein
      • The Wedding Planner 

      Have a fun weekend! Put your feet up and watch a movie about what is a very fulfilling “institution”, as long as the relationship turns out to be right!

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Living the Royal Life


The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness.”
Dalai Lama

There is tremendous media coverage these days on the upcoming nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Over the Easter weekend, we talked with our son about all the preparations that are being made at Reelz Channel  for the broadcast of the Royal Wedding.  Don’t miss the brilliant airing of this very special live event. It is bound to be the Bees Knees. 

Admittedly, I am a groupie of Britain’s Royal Family. I watch every TV special I come across on the history of the monarchy and the family of the Queen of England. I love seeing it all:

  • The carriages
  • The royal garb
  • The swords
  • The royal etiquette
  • The pageantry 

We all know that it doesn’t take being a royal family member to have some of finest things in life. Our own mindset can make the difference between feeling as if we live a life of privilege or not. By recognizing what basics are really important to us in life, and living according to what is true and right within our souls, we can feel as if were given the birth right of a dynasty. The most fulfilling moments come in our lives, when we focus on appreciating the little things. Many of us already have the greatest wealth available without even recognizing it. We are greatly endowed if we have: 

  • Good health
  • Satisfying relationships with family and friends. Non-feuding, I might add!
  • Clean air to breathe
  • Enough food and water to nourish and sustain us
  • Decent shelter over our heads
  • An appreciation of nature and the other gifts the Universe provides. 

If we have common sense enough to know that  happiness is independent of great material ‘ things”, then we are very rich.  Yes,  we can still live a life of  prosperity without great monetary accumulation, indeed!   

My personal invitation for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding has not yet arrived from the royal family. But, thanks to modern day broadcasting, it will be aired so each one of us can attend We, in America, can have front row seats from the comfort of our homes. Get up extra early, fix yourself a proper cup of tea, a scone, a biscuit or some kippers, toast and eggs and enjoy! Remember – the key to your dynasty of personal fulfillment is to always treat yourself and others like royalty!!

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