Choices along Life’s Path


I don’t paint things.  I only paint the difference between things.  ~Henri Matisse 

Regular readers of this blog site, All Things Fulfilling, know that I made a promise to continue the theme overview of the book Clara and Mr. Tiffany that was begun in the blog writing titled Glassworks Inspired by Nature. And so we continue: 

Throughout the tale of Clara and Mr. Tiffany, life choices are a recurring dilemma for the main character. There are two issues that Clara struggles with. Many times over, she is forced to examine where her loyalties lie. She can continue her fulfilling work as an artist and follow her truth in life, or free herself from her on-going struggle as a woman trying to gain recognition for her artistry and creativity. The second choice would be to opt out of the “artist’s way” and follow a more conventional path. 

Although a fictional story, Clara also faces a  judgment that many artists in real life find themselves confronted with, throughout their careers – quality of art vs. quantity of production. Many artists feel conflicted when trying to decide whether to commercialize their art or not. There is no right or wrong. It is all a matter of individual choice. 

Decisions such as those that Clara was forced to make, weigh heavily on an artist. Priorities are tested when it comes to making the selection. It can become a tug of  heart between doing right things or doing things right. Have you ever been faced with similar torments in your life? What path did you decide to follow?

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