Helping to See

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 “Inside myself is a place where I live all alone and that is where I renew my springs that never dry up.” ~ Pearl S Buck 

My husband thinks I am blind. So many times, when I am looking for something, I can’t find it and yet, when he comes to my aid, he finds it right there in front of me.

The other day, something happened that made me think perhaps, there may be some merit to his words that “I must be blind.” We were driving on Route 40, a major thoroughfare in Steamboat Springs, Colorado that I travel almost daily and sometimes several times a day. As I passed by a strip of buildings, there was a store that I had never seen before. My thought was “why hadn’t I ever noticed that before and how long has that been there?” In a time when some stores are closing due to difficult economic challenges, I was quite surprised that someone would start a new endeavor . Perhaps the owners of the business  feel safe that they have something to offer that others need.

The store has a very interesting name! It is called “Come and See.” It also has the symbol of a fish on the sign. What’s  the deal? Do they want passerbys to come see the biggest fish that has been caught this spring on the Yampa River that flows through town? After all, this is fly fishing haven or heaven!

Perhaps I ought to act on my intuition. I had better stop in.  I am always on the look-out for fulfilling things.   Maybe I can find something worthwhile inside like some really meaningful books and gifts. I don’t know though,  from the name of the store, they may be handing out hope and healing for those who are blind and can not see.  I’m there!

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