Do I have to practice?

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart”                                   ~       William Wordsworth

I was a clarinet player once. Until my ear drums nearly burst from the squeeking sounds I produced from the musical instrument and my tongue became blistered, splintered and sore from biting on the reeds.  I knew it was time to quit when my Dad nearly went broke buying new clarinet reeds for my twin sister and me. As I have aged, I have often looked back on my days as a clarinet player.  I came to realize the issue was not the reeds, it was my inability to play well. What it boiled down to  was, I did not practice.

Blogging is a great way to practice your writing skills.  The more you write, your skills will improve and the easier it will get – supposedly.  I often ask “when can I call myself a writer?” Probably now, of all things!  I am suffering from the very thing that all writers loathe – writers block. 

How do I overcome this cloud that seems to be hanging over my head?  From my days of clarinet playing, I know that practice is critical if you want to become accomplished in the Arts.  I will have to break from the norm and change up my routine.  But, I promise you all –

  • Je vais ecrire!
  • Ich schreibe, wid!
  • Ik zal schrijven!
  • Voy a escribir!
  • Budu psat!
  • Lo scrivero!

And perhaps some day, I will learn WordPress well enough to use diacritical marks where they are needed, so that all of our global clients can understand what I am trying to say!


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