Advent Day #23 – Graceful Anticipation

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God’s plan for us is always that of grace. ~ Unknown

On this 23rd day of Advent, I have a question for our readers.

Have you seen the painting Kissing the Face of God by Morgan Weistling? He is an outstanding artist who paints historical stories from a different time and era. Many of his paintings are of settlers to the West.

Kissing the Face of God is an exquisite painting that is so appropriate to share on this 23rd Day of Advent as we await the celebration of the birth of Jesus. When you see the image and read the artist’s statement about the painting, you will better appreciate the sentiment behind it.

miracle of christmasAs my husband and I await the coming of our son from far reaches, we gratefully remember the day of his advent that changed our world forever!

My own personal story of the miracles in my life are recounted in Gift of a Lifetime: Finding Fulfilling Things in the Unexpected.  The award-winning book makes a great present to share with loved ones in your life for Christmas, at the start of a New Year, in celebration of a birthday or for “just because.”

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Please return tomorrow and celebrate the 24th Day of Advent with us on All Things Fulfilling.

The Gift of Time

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Thank God for his priceless gifts and miracles around the world. ~ Unknown

“Good morning, Sunshine!” I said to myself as we began down a long cornfield-lined road, with sun rays gleaming on the dried golden stalks. It was a gorgeous morning on the Chesapeake. My parents and I were headed to a landmark that harkened to us from Route 213 in Kent County, Maryland.

As we drove up to the Shrewsbury Parish Church I said, “I feel as if I could be in England. This place looks like something from a British show on PBS.” All the while, I was thinking of the Vicar of Dibley, a program that I loved that is now longer broadcast.

We walked the grounds, peaked in the windows, read ages old headstones and just enjoyed being together as parents and adult child taking in the wonders of the season and the beautiful surroundings. Before we left the grounds, the Rector Rev. Henry M. Sabetti stopped and we chatted. We talked about my new memoir and I gave him a bookmark of  Gift of a Lifetime: Finding Fulfilling Things in the Unexpected.

Today, I’d like to share images with our readers. If you are interested in reading more about this historic church on the Eastern shores of Chesapeake Bay country, please visit this website.

It’s been wonderful spending time with my family while being on my East Coast book tour. That morning was just one of many treasured early lights of day that I have spent with my parents. Now I head back to the wild, wild west!












IMG_20141028_114420_973The two gravestones above must be for all the mothers and fathers who are in this final resting place in the churchyard of Shrewsbury Parish.







Small Things Big Wonders

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All of our life is a miracle. . . . There is not a minute in the twenty-four hours that is not filled with miracles.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Have you ever noticed how the smallest things sometimes hold the biggest wonders? Consider:

  • The sudden appearance of blue-speckled robins eggs in the nest
  • An unexpected phone call from someone you were just thinking about
  • The delightful scent of a newborn baby’s head
  • A colorful rainbow after a wicked storm
  • Perfumed air from a gardenia, rose or lilac
  • The extraordinary talent of a musician, painter, dancer, writer or singer who has had no training
  • The crowing glory of the daffodils through the snow

When did you last stop, take heed and intently observe  a small thing that holds big wonders? Springtime holds an abundance of opportunity! Recharge your life by being keenly observant as the season of renewal unfolds and opens up. Deeply inhale all the goodness and find gratefulness in each daybreak and sunset.

little is much

This blog brought to you by Sue Batton Leonard, the author of Gift of a Lifetime: Finding Fulfilling Things in the Unexpected.  See you tomorrow on



Film Friday: The Christmas Candle

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I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. ~ CHARLES DICKENS, A Christmas Carol

Miracles. Do you believe in them? I do, wholeheartedly!

christmas candlejpgA movie is making its debut in time for Christmas about the godsends of good fortune that arrive in the small town of Gladbury, England every twenty-five years. The movie adaptation of Max Lucado’s novel, The Christmas Candle is from the film production company of AMC Castle Rock.

Hans Matheson stars as the Reverend David, the pastor of the village in the Cotswalds where the inspirational movie takes place. Samantha Barks, an actress in Les Miserables plays the Reverend’s dubious friend.

Some reviewers say “If you like Downtown Abbey you will like this movie.” Ok, then! I’m all in – I adore Downtown Abbey and can not wait for Season 4 to begin. Like the PBS series Downton Abbey, the era of this inspirational movie takes place in Victorian England in the 1800s.  Click for info & ordering The Christmas Candle

home for ChristmasU.K. singing sensation Susan Boyle makes her feature film debut in The Christmas Candle. Her song “Miracle Hymn” written specifically for the movie is included on her new album. Boyle blast onto the music scene in 2009 when she appeared on Britain’s Got Talent. To read more about her newly released Christmas album “Home for Christmas,” .Click here for Susan Boyles cds.

Many people in this day in age would argue that our culture seems bent on “taking the Christ out of Christmas.” I applaud AMC Castle Rock for bringing this inspirationally fulfilling holiday movie to the silver screens this season. Keep a watch-out for it. It may be coming to your community soon.

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