Christmas: Outside Looking In

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I believe your atmosphere and your surroundings create a mind state for you. ~ Theophilus London

f9ccaa0aad84c2adde61047a62449dc8I don’t like to be a slave to my living environment, but I do take a little time to try to create a place where I like to hang out.  Just a few low cost/no cost seasonally appropriate decorations make a difference. It helps me appreciate a season or holiday. I do it for myself and after it’s done, I’m glad I took the extra effort.

Psychologists say our attitudes are affected by our environment. So, no matter where you are living, even if it is in what you might consider to less than ideal, take the time to add a little sprig of holly or a pine bough or a cinnamon scented candle or put a light in the window during this holiday season. Thrift stores are often a great place to pick up embellishments for nearly next to nothing.

Last week in the dark of the evening I upped my spirits when I strolled historic downtown Main Street Steamboat with a friend and took in the window dressing. The fresh fallen snow added to the magic! Here are some images. All but a few were taken from the outside looking in.

Below: Fringe (a new store in town). I liked it very much!

Do stop in and check it out!

xmas walk - fringes

Below: F.M Light & Sons (THE place for cowboy boots!)

xmas walk lights2

Below: Kali’s Boutique (a place to get distinctive apparel)

xmas walk - consignment place

Below: Steamboat Art Company (this display was like fairytale land). I expected to see little gnomes or elves or sprites peaking out from between the pastel colored foliage!

xmas walk - art co

Below: Allen’s Clothing (There, hospitality included great treats!)

xmas walk allens

Below: Steamboat Art Company (as usual, their window displays are as lovely as their in store wares). I always get caught up in this store – so much to look at.

xmas walk - art co2

Below: Steamboat Art Company

Xmas walk -art co

Below: F.M. Light and Sons (Outfittin’ the West Since 1905)

Check out their blog – A Cowboy’s Christmas Recollections

xmas walk - lights

Below: F.M. Light & Sons

Xmas walk - not sure

Below: Chrysalis Steamboat (surprisingly affordable and stylish). 


Chrysalis 2

A Fulfilling evening experience from Winter Wonderland in Steamboat Springs, CO

Xmas courthouse

“Paper state” last week we received 44 inches of new snow and we have already  surpassed 115 inches for the season! See for yourself. Much, much more has come over the past few days.

Thanks to those who gave me permission to take photos inside their retail establishments!

Come on back tomorrow to All Things Fulfilling. Then I’ll be taking a break until after Christmas.

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Summer: Only a Dream Away


“In life’s winter, find your invincible summer.” ~ Unknown

Summer Only a Dream AwayI awoke to the cacophony of birdsong this morning, heard it through the open window. One deep inhalation of the chilly air brought scents of freshly mown grass mixed with the crisp, clean fragrance of blooming lavender wafting up my nostrils. As I lay there, trying to become alert after a long, restorative sleep I heard the thwack…thwack of the tennis ball landing on the hard courts across the street, and the players called out “Love Thirty.”  “Thank goodness summer has finally arrived.” I thought.

I turned over, slowly opening my eyes to a bright reflection streaming in the window and saw my husband standing by the bed. “Did you hear me?” He asked.


“You’ve gotta love it,” he said smiling. “Its warm, thirty this morning. I am headed out, for another day of skiing on the mountain in Steamboat, Colorado.”

“What do you mean?” I asked. “It’s summer. A minute ago I  heard the “thwack” of the tennis balls on the court across the way.”

“Nice try. Go back to sleep, silly. That was the guys up on the roof chopping and clearing away the ice jams.” My husband replied, looking amused.

“What about the green grass and lavender I smell in the air this morning?” I asked, inhaling deeply again.

“You were just dreaming. Thats the lingering scent of the new bubble bath you used last night before bedtime.”

I jumped up and looked out the window, confused. It was unlike my husband to rise before me in the morning. The snow was softly falling, inch by inch, just like the other 321 inches that came before it this winter.

“Its got to end sometime.” I said, referring to the heaped up snowpiles. “Easter is only a week away. I’m going back to the place in my dreams where I know I can find fulfilling scenes of summer.”  I hopped back in bed and pulled the covers over my head.

“Sweet dreams! Shall I put the fan on incase you need it?”

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