Life Colors Thought

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How long has it been since the biggest decision in your day was which hue to use out of a box of  sixty-four colors of crayons? If only life was that elementary.

Have you ever considered this thought?

simple-philosophy 6

No doubt about it, there is truth in that statement.

Unfortunately life is complex. Things aren’t always reduced to black and white.

Next time you’re agonizing over decisions or find life challenging – simplify your thought process by remembering this –

attitude isThis blog is brought to you by the author of short stories Lessons of Heart & Soul and Gift of a Lifetime: Finding Fulfilling Things in the Unexpected.


A Literary Teabox


Change your thoughts, change your life. ~ Unknown

A Literary Teabox! I like that idea – something to dig into when creativity is low and a pick-me up is needed.

The box is stuffed with things that help stir and brew up inspiration – combination treasure trove and fortune cookie, less the calories and carbohydrates.

Don’t get it? See the box – what’s in it? Words of wisdom – “quotable quotes” from all kinds of people.

Make your own literary teaboxes as gifts.  Keep it creative and loose so it will be meaningful to friends with different passions. A thoughtful,  inspirational gift for writers or other artists, self-improvement junkies, sports enthusiasts. Want to learn more about using affirmations for positive change, please visit this website

Add instructions for how to use with best results: When you awake, open the box and read a quote. Let it brew and steep as you think about the hours ahead. Then let the words invigorate you and infuse you with energy. Go about your day in a fulfilling kind of way, perhaps by reading a book that has a lot of heart and soul. My suggestion:Gift of a Lifetime: Finding Fulfilling Things in the Unexpected

Happy Monday!

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Photo composition/design and Photo credit: ©Sue Batton Leonard

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