Devilish Distractions

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“Patience and fortitude conquer all things.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

My computer, the little devil, has really gotten under my skin! It has even become the cause of writer’s cramp. I’ve got writer’s block – of all things! I have begun to write not out of desire but out of will.  My will to test my fortitude over a machine. Imagine that!

Having to work on what has become an antiquated, slow computer that freezes up, coughs and chokes every time I turn it on has been the bane of my existance all summer long. I have put off getting a new transmitter of digital information for far too long. My limits of being a fiscally conservative business owner have been reached, that is for sure!

I have learned alot from this adversarial relationship between my old computer and me –

  1. Write out of desire, not out of will!
  2. Recognize when it is time to let go of the old old and bring in the new.
  3. If a relationship becomes too overwhelming, get out of it!
  4. To write and think clearly and succinctly, you must clear out the clutter.

I need to have patience for a few more days. Then, I will be in a new relationship – one that will not be detrimental to my mental health.  As readers of this blogsite, you’ve got to be tired of hearing about this relationship with my old computer that I have found hard to forget! The relationship with my new electronic transmission device will be positive and filled with all good things! It will be more aligned with the way I like to live.  I will look forward to sharing all things fulfilling, once again!

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