Writing Quality Children’s Books

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The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.”~ B.B. King 

Attention children’s book authors, illustrators and publishers! There is an organization that offers consultation and critique of unpublished manuscripts to help you publish a quality finished product. The American Children’s Book Society fulfills their mission to help produce and market “superior and meaningful children’s books.”  Their services include:

  • Critique program
  • Book Review program
  • “A” Rating program
  • Consulting and Coaching 

By working with the American Children’s Book Society, Inc.  http://www.americanchildrensbooksociety.com/  your book will be reviewed for quality content, perhaps giving you an inroad to selling to schools and libraries. Because your book has been critiqued by the American Book Society, you will also have the advantage of entering your book into the annual “Scooter Awards” and the possibility of earning an “A” rank in their rating program. 

The panel of judges on the American Children’s Book Society, Inc. looks for compliance with all CPSIA regulations and rules including quality of design, suitability of content, presentation and pricing for retail markets. For all first-time authors/publishers who are unfamiliar with standards in children’s book compliance, this organization provides excellent services and gives you the tools to provide a quality children’s book to the industry.

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