Goodness, Gracious!



All that we behold is full of blessings.” ~ William Wordsworth 

Over the weekend, I attended an historic event for the Colorado Independent Publishers Association An agreement was signed that will allow libraries to acquire e-books from CIPA members without limitation. What a game changer this will be for independent publishers and libraries in Colorado, and in time, maybe all over the place!

I also had the opportunity to attend the largest meet-up group in the country for creatives. That was fun, too! There were all kinds of people who work in industries far different than what the standard 9 to 5 employment lifestyle demands. 

As I made the trek back to Steamboat Springs, CO from Denver, CO I had three hours alone in the car to reflect on how my life has changed all because I decided to “seize the moment” about 13 years ago! 

One employment ad,  one creative connection , one book on how to paint “Alla Prima,”  and one opportunity piqued my interest in the world of independent publishing. It started me down the path toward meeting all sorts of people I never would have had the chance to meet, had I not followed my intuition just because the circumstances “felt right.” 

My journey into the independent publishing industry has been richly rewarding educationally and oh, so personally fulfilling, too. Making connections with other “creatives” whose careers involve living and working by their passions has helped me to trust and know that what feels good is right for me, and what feels right is good for me! I am a firm believer that fulfilling things come when we let our hearts rather than our heads, lead the way. And for that I am grateful! 

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