Tribute to the Indies


Expectancy is the atmosphere for miracles. ~ Edwin Louis Cole

 “I just learned that Publishers Weekly reviewed my upcoming novel Tributary. That’s a near-miracle, as my publisher is both small and independent!” Barbara K. Richardson wrote on an on-line communication from, a web-based group about publishing that I belong to.  

I am so excited for Barbara! But, I am not sure it is a near miracle; I have come to expect there will be more stories like hers. More and more book reviewers are finding there are good reads to be had by the independents. Thus, non-traditionally published books are having increasing success in the marketplace.  That translates into authors having wonderful, fulfilling feelings about their efforts in writing. 

For more information on Barbara K Richardson’s book, Tributary, we have tracked it down for you.

Just last week, an article appeared about four authors who digitally  published through that reached New York Times Best Selling author status all in one week. To read the article, follow this link.

These days, stories of independent publishing success arrive weekly. It’s hard to keep up but, this blog site, All Things Fulfilling, strives to share stories like this with you, our readers. Please return again tomorrow!

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2 thoughts on “Tribute to the Indies

  1. It is such an exciting time in publishing. There are some equally exciting things going on in the indie filmmaking industry too. I will be featuring some of it this week. Stay tuned.

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