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Expectancy is the atmosphere for miracles. ~ Edwin Louis Cole

 “I just learned that Publishers Weekly reviewed my upcoming novel Tributary. That’s a near-miracle, as my publisher is both small and independent!” Barbara K. Richardson wrote on an on-line communication from, a web-based group about publishing that I belong to.  

I am so excited for Barbara! But, I am not sure it is a near miracle; I have come to expect there will be more stories like hers. More and more book reviewers are finding there are good reads to be had by the independents. Thus, non-traditionally published books are having increasing success in the marketplace.  That translates into authors having wonderful, fulfilling feelings about their efforts in writing. 

For more information on Barbara K Richardson’s book, Tributary, we have tracked it down for you.

Just last week, an article appeared about four authors who digitally  published through that reached New York Times Best Selling author status all in one week. To read the article, follow this link.

These days, stories of independent publishing success arrive weekly. It’s hard to keep up but, this blog site, All Things Fulfilling, strives to share stories like this with you, our readers. Please return again tomorrow!

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If one looks closely enough, one can see angels in every piece of art.

 ~ Terri Guillemets 

“Mama, Do you Love Me?” Yes, I do sweet child! “More than a walrus loves his tusks,” I would recite. Barbara M. Joosse’s lyrical story, “Mama, Do You Love Me?” offered the perfect opportunity to teach my son about the unconditional love a mother has for a child along with learning about the Inuit culture and Artic wildlife, too. 

With my child, I read a staggering number of enticing and magnificent children’s books as he went through the years of growing up. Because reading together was not something either of us was willing to let go of, I had the privilege of reading to him daily until almost age 12. It was the most treasured and fulfilling part of our evening routine. 

Children have a natural ability to learn language. The importance of reading to a child and talking with them, even about simple things, can not be overstated. It is how a child builds a solid vocabulary for understanding the world around them and how they learn to communicate effectively with others. For more information on this topic, check out this article

The most fulfilling Christmas shopping I did each year was stepping inside the Publishers Weekly award-winning Northshire Bookstore in Manchester, Vermont. Picking out the most meaningful books I could find for my child, I knew my buying helped to support a top-notch independent bookstore. I also loved the mission of their Book Angel program which put worthwhile books into the hands of many underserved children in the State of Vermont.

 As far as I was concerned, the best gifts given to my child at any time of year were new books or DVDs. Besides Legos, books and films were always his most prized holiday presents. They were gifts that kept on giving for many years. The money spent became a real investment in my child’s future, too.  

Come on back tomorrow. Since I am in the reminiscing mode, I will share a list of my favorite children’s books, published in the 1980’s that “Santa” gave my child over the years. It may help out with some last minute shopping ideas.

More independent, thoughts, words and views from tomorrow! Come on back!


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