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We’ve arranged a civilization in which most crucial elements profoundly depend on science and technology.” ~ Carl Sagan

On Monday, our local paper Steamboat Today was printed on pink paper in honor of National Breast Cancer Month. It seems that no one is immune from knowing someone who has been touched by this cancer. The month of October is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of early detection. 

The color of the newspaper was more than just a blush of pink, bolder than that, yet not as dark as fuchsia either. That edition made me realize something – the importance of white space. Although, as always,  I read the paper from cover to cover, I found reading from pink paper difficult and in fact, it slowed down my progress because my eyes were straining. As I struggled to read the article on raising money at the local level through events such as The Bust of Steamboat, I couldn’t help but think of what white space means to publishing. 

Digital reading devices, such as Kindles, have now gone through a few generations of development, improvements have come with each new model. The Kindle Paperwhite is purported to give the reader the clearest text, the best reading experience, due to its bright white screen. Yet not everyone can afford this top model. Many people do not have the luxury of buying a digital reader at all. 

I thought about how this relates to funding for breast cancer. Over the years, there have been advancements in detection through technology, yet people still slip through the cracks and find out about their case too late. Not every woman is able to afford mammograms and treatments either, which means not every woman has a chance of survival. Thank goodness for non-profit organizations such as the Susan G Komen Foundation at the national and local level that work hard at trying to provide the means for everyone through their fundraising efforts. 

I don’t mean to trivialize the devastating disease of breast cancer by comparing technology of Kindle readers to a very personal medical issue. Digital reading devices are luxuries, and having medical technology and treatment for cancer is a necessity for survival; two very different issues. 

 These are just a few independent thoughts that came to my mind regarding white space as I read the news of the day on pink paper. That’s all….

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Tap In! Tune In!

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“All the world is a laboratory to the inquiring mind” ~ Martin H Fisher 

At lunchtime yesterday, the monthly Brown Bag Lunch Series of seminars began at Colorado Mountain College.  I was pleased to present “On the Fast Track: The Independent Publishing Industry.” I mentioned current trends in the publishing industry, in general, and the robust growth of independent publishing. 

At the end of the presentation, I answered questions, and even handed out a little advice. “If you are considering independent publishing, begin to learn all you can about the industry.” I said. I suggested “tap into as much free information as possible by speaking with others who have independently published, attend writers groups, brush up on your writing skills by taking classes at Colorado Mountain College.” I also advised it would be wise to  join the Colorado Independent Publishers Association and tune in and listen to “Cover to Cover” Radio Show.’ For those of you that are unaware, it is broadcast on Saturday mornings on over the internet and it provides free education and valuable information on the independent publishing industry each and every week. 

The old adage “Knowledge is Power” applies to the independent publishing industry. Writing and publishing are businesses. Start with a  business plan that includes a solid marketing approach. Before you put pen to paper, identify your market and map out a plan of action for reaching it. If you need help, there are freelance professionals that are available and can help you through every step of the independent publishing process. Don’t forget to tap into all available resources, there is no need to go it alone.

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Weekend Indie Publishing News

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Calling all writers and publishers! Tune in to “Cover to Cover” very Saturday morning! Not only can this show be listened to on-line but also on a good old fashioned radio – 106.3 on the FM dial and 1550 on the AM dial from Flagler Beach, FL.

This weeks broadcast 7/17 – join Frank Gromling as he interviews author of The Lotus Eaters  – Tatjiana Soli and Holly Albanese of the Flagler County Library.

Next week Saturday 7/24 – Author Warren Caterson will be on hand to talk about his book Table for Two.  Also, we are in for a very informative show with Angela D’Agostino from Bowker/ProQuest. I am sure she will update us on the latest statistics on the independent publishing scene.

Tune in at 11:30 am Eastern Standard Time, 10:30 am Central Time, 9:30 am Mountain Time and 8:30 am Pacific Time, today and every Saturday!

I’ll be joining  you!

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Weekend Indie Publisher News

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Updated Information: If you missed “Cover to Cover” Radio Show and want to learn more about order fulfillment for independent publishers

Go to  

Look for April 3, 2010 Show featuring Sue Leonard

Covering All Bases

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“The art and science of asking questions is the source of all  knowledge.”~ Thomas Berger

Frank Gromling,  Host of Radio Show “Cover to Cover” called yesterday! I knew he would. He is as reliable as they come. He called and asked me to be a guest on his radio show this coming Saturday morning, April 3rd! “Cover to Cover” is an educational radio show for authors and publishers that all of you should not miss.

If yesterday’s blog left you dazed, confused and scratching your head, it was because I wanted to talk to Frank, ask and confirm the broadcast date, before I spilled all the beans.

Frank knows how to put together a great radio show! Every Saturday morning he has guests who know the independent publishing scene well and they share their knowledge about a variety of subjects relating to the industry. This Saturday, tune in and learn about order fulfillment for independent publishers. Independent publishers will come away from this half hour show with a better understanding of what services order fulfillment companies provide.

The best way to become knowledgeable about independent publishing is to listen to “Cover to Cover” weekly, attend publishing conferences, search for e-zine articles on the industry, join independent publishing associations and ask questions of those who are seasoned professionals. Cover all your bases! There is valuable knowledge to be had everywhere. Take every opportunity there is to educate yourself.

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Weekend Indie Publishing News

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Have all of you spent time with Frank lately? I have an appointment with him at 9:30 am MT, and you can listen in, too! Frank Gromling’s radio show “Cover to Cover” for authors and publishers will be well worth listening to. It is every Saturday morning at 11:30 am Eastern Standard Time, 10:30 am Central Time, 9:30 am Mountain Time and 8:30 am Pacific Time.

It is a great way to stay on top of the ever changing trends in publishing, hear interviews with local and nationally known authors, tips for independent publishing and industry tips of the trade. Tune in to  You’ll be glad you did!

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Weekend Indie Publisher News

Attention Independent Filmmakers –

Nomads Land is calling for entries for the Washington, DC Film Series. They are seeking 7 social issue documentary films. Films may be submitted between December 2009 – June 2010.

For submission guidelines, please go to


Reminder:  Cover to Cover Radio Show for Authors and Publishers

Airs every Saturday morning on  with Host Frank Gromling. Tune in on-line and learn about the independent publishing industry.

  • 11:30 am Eastern Time
  • 10:30 am Central Time
  • 9:30 am Mountain Time
  • 8:30 am Pacific Time

Weekend Indie Publisher News

bb55s9006.jpg   Bldg with broadcasting

First things, first!

Tune in This Morning! Poor Frank, he must be feeling ignored! I have been unable to listen to his Radio Show “Cover to Cover” for a few weeks now.  If you have never listened to this radio show for writers and publishers, every Saturday morning is your chance. No need for a radio, “Cover to Cover” can be listened to on line at Host Frank Gromling always has insightful, interesting guests on his show sharing their knowledge of the publishing world.

Tune in at 11:30 am Eastern Standard Time, 10:30 am Central Time, 9:30 am Mountain Time and 8:30 am Pacific Time.

Let’s show Frank our support today!!! Listen in and learn with me!


Registration is now open for The Association of Writers (AWP) 2010 Conference in Denver, CO!! You can save money now by registering early. Major sponsors, literary partners and patrons make this great three day event possible at the Hyatt Regency form April 7 – 10, 2010. The event includes a book fair, presenters and  exhibitors.

A wealth of information for writers is available through the AWP. They sponsor writing contests, writers conferences, information on writing careers and MFA writing programs. Check it out at

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More Indie Publisher News

PR  sign - re book marketing jpg

Did anyone listen to the Saturday weekly radio show for writers and publishers called “Cover to Cover” hosted by Frank Gromling on  Copywrite information was the subject of the day and the guest was Christopher Kenneally from the Copywrite Clearance Center in Boston, MA. Chris is also host and moderator for “Beyond the Book” The programs are often broadcast on C-Span’s Book TV and in Canada on BookTelevision.

There is alot of confusion and legalities regarding copywrite issues due to the ways in which we publish in today’s world.  We publish on paper, on-line, through electronic digital files, through movies (DVDs) and on cd’s in the music industry. For intellectual property protection,  best course of action is through copywrite registration through the Library of Congress Registration of your publication is not mandatory, however, it is the best way to protect your intellectual property rights.

The Copywrite Clearance Center in Boston, MA is a good resource for non-fiction publishing, where fact checking is essential for business, academic,research, medical and economic related publishing.

If you missed yesterday’s radio show “Cover to Cover” with Frank Gromling and wish to hear what was discussed regarding the issue of copywrite, please go to the archive section of for “Cover to Cover” and look for October 10, 2009.  The broadcast will also be available on Ocean Publishing’s website

It is not too late to listen and learn!

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More Indie Publisher News

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Another opportunity to listen in for news, tips, marketing information for publishers and writers is Blog Talk Radio!

Michigan Lit Radio –  Go on line,  for the weekly scheduled speaker and topic

Marketing and Motivation Mondays feature speaker Monica Marie Joans.

And Don’t Forget – Saturday Mornings on

“Cover to Cover” with host Frank Gromling – featuring interviews with published authors, success tips, how to get started in the publishing field, marketing yourself as an author and marketing your book.

Broadcast times:

  • 11:30 am Eastern Standard Time
  • 10:30 am Central Standard Time
  •  9:30 am Mountain Time
  • 8:30 am Pacific Time

Take advantage of these two broadcasts brought to you free of charge!

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