Images, Words and White Space

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We’ve arranged a civilization in which most crucial elements profoundly depend on science and technology.” ~ Carl Sagan

On Monday, our local paper Steamboat Today was printed on pink paper in honor of National Breast Cancer Month. It seems that no one is immune from knowing someone who has been touched by this cancer. The month of October is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of early detection. 

The color of the newspaper was more than just a blush of pink, bolder than that, yet not as dark as fuchsia either. That edition made me realize something – the importance of white space. Although, as always,  I read the paper from cover to cover, I found reading from pink paper difficult and in fact, it slowed down my progress because my eyes were straining. As I struggled to read the article on raising money at the local level through events such as The Bust of Steamboat, I couldn’t help but think of what white space means to publishing. 

Digital reading devices, such as Kindles, have now gone through a few generations of development, improvements have come with each new model. The Kindle Paperwhite is purported to give the reader the clearest text, the best reading experience, due to its bright white screen. Yet not everyone can afford this top model. Many people do not have the luxury of buying a digital reader at all. 

I thought about how this relates to funding for breast cancer. Over the years, there have been advancements in detection through technology, yet people still slip through the cracks and find out about their case too late. Not every woman is able to afford mammograms and treatments either, which means not every woman has a chance of survival. Thank goodness for non-profit organizations such as the Susan G Komen Foundation at the national and local level that work hard at trying to provide the means for everyone through their fundraising efforts. 

I don’t mean to trivialize the devastating disease of breast cancer by comparing technology of Kindle readers to a very personal medical issue. Digital reading devices are luxuries, and having medical technology and treatment for cancer is a necessity for survival; two very different issues. 

 These are just a few independent thoughts that came to my mind regarding white space as I read the news of the day on pink paper. That’s all….

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Teaching and Inspiring, No Matter What!

I want to honor my friend Amy in my blog today. She inspires me to no end and our friendship has been unwavering for more than 30 years. She has been fighting the fight of breast cancer for alot of years now.

What amazes me is her ability to accept things as they are, move ahead and enjoy life anyway. She has always had this ability but, it has never been more evident than it is today. 

She has been the one to take care of us, her friends, when news of her cancer has been disappointing. She has been the one more interested in our lives than her trials and tribulations. She has been the one to teach us that our troubles pale compared to someone elses. Amy is a natural born teacher. In her 25 year teaching career, she was awarded Vermont teacher of the year, not once but twice!

Cancer is a heavy cross to bear. To Amy and to all those others stricken with cancer, thank you for the lessons that you teach us and for the dignity with which you live your lives. You are “angels” in my book!

Angel with a Cross

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