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finding-joyLast week when I presented “One Day in the Life of a Writer” to the Junior Girl Scouts, I mentioned that although I write books, my small business geared around publishing provides me with many other tasks that I handle in the course of a normal work day. Tasks such as maintaining a website/blog, e-marketing for independent publishers, responding to reader’s correspondence, scheduling and doing book talks and other promotion are also on my daily to do list. Not to even mention keeping up with ever-changing news about the publishing industry.

Over the next couple of days I am going have a change of work space. You’ll learn more the following week. A change of scenery will provide me with new sources of inspiration as I  sit with many ideas that will be discussed during my upcoming appearance on “Life Changing Talk Radio.”

From www.blogtalkradio/ , the program overview for the May 21st broadcast is as follows:

“Most of us have learned we can not find happiness, making it our goal. Happiness is the unintended benefit of pursuing personal dreams and living true to yourself.

When you proactively connect the person you are with the things you choose to do, a deep sense of fulfillment will emerge. Fulfillment is a form of happiness or satisfaction that is the direct result of fully developing your abilities or character.

Personal fulfillment is best described as the achievement of life goals which are important to you, in contrast to the goals of society or even your family. Personal fulfillment is an ongoing journey for most of us. The journey commences when we start becoming conscious of ourselves, our surroundings and our past. But for many of us, finding your path to fulfillment can be buried in the unexpected. How can you find your path to personal fulfillment?”

What I do in my business, personal and professional life is extremely joyful and satisfying.  I am so very grateful that I have been able to create the kind of life that feels good and right.

Join us in the discussion on May 21rd by going to www.blogtalkradio/ . If you are in the East coast listening area, tune in at 9pm, 8pm Central time, 7pm Mountain time and 6pm Pacific. You can call in with your comments and your questions #855-345-4714.

This blog is brought to you by the award-winning author of Gift of a Lifetime: Finding Fulfilling Things in the Unexpected and Short Stories: Lessons of Heart & Soul.



America through Images

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I think at a child’s birth, if a mother could ask a fairy godmother to endow it with the most useful gift, that gift should be curiosity.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

 Happy Birthday, America!

Today’s blog is all about independence, patriotism, and all things fulfilling and nostalgic through American art posters.

Each of these works of art have been created by independent artists and can be purchased, and shipped world-wide through e-commerce (through the web or on-line). Please go to .

As you take a tour, remember those who have fought to defend our country’s liberties, this day and every day. Enjoy the American story, told through images.

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

adolph-treidler-soldiers-without-gunsfood is ammunition dont waste

girl pulling for soldier


edward-penfield-every-girl-pulling-for-victory-save-waste-papersilence means security




charles-coiner-give-it-your-bestThis blog brought to you by A company specializing in e-commerce and e-marketing for independent publishers.

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True, Inspiring Entrepreneurial Stories

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A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts.”Richard Branson, Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurial stories. Perhaps you have a yarn to share of your own exploration, exploits and success in business. Have you ever thought to relate it in book form? Now is as good a time as ever, all through independent publishing.

In this day and age, you don’t necessarily even have to pay for storage and warehousing of inventory and many other hassles that come with selling paperback and hardbound publications. No, I am not telling you a wild story, I’ll leave that to the Banana Republic. I am talking about the growing industry of e-book publishing.

In the recounting of their business adventure that started out with no previous business start-up experience, and a $1500 investment, Mel and Patricia’s passion for fashion, adventure and innovation built their company to behemoth status internationally.

wild companyWild Company: The Untold Story of the Banana Republic may give you insight into how to share your own business’ success story. Check it out.Click here for info & ordering Wild Company.

If you have already had proven business or entrepreneurial success, you would probably be a “natural” at independent publishing. You probably already have the right spirit; perhaps technical skills to become an independent publisher utilizing digital platforms. If you need help,ask a company that specializes in e-commerce and e-marketing for independent publishers , they  can  support your efforts.

Want to know more about independent publishing before you get started? There is an on-line webinar published by the Colorado Independent Publishers Association called On the Fast Track: The Independent Publishing Industry  that will provide you with basic knowledge about  the new generation of publishing whereby ordinary people are telling extraordinary stories and benefiting from telling  them however they want to, creatively.

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Winking in the Dark Does Not Work

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Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing but nobody else does.”

~ Stewart Henderson Britt   b. June 17, 1907

I found in this quote in H.A. Levin’s book Quotations for Successful Living. Even 100 years after the quote was written it has relevance today. What an appropriate quotation for independent publishers to take notice of.

“How can anyone NOT know what you are doing in this day and age of digital technology?” I ponder. With the power of the internet, it is hard not to be seen.

Knowing how to use digital technology and the world-wide-web to sell any kind of product or service can be a very powerful thing. It takes a little education and training for businesses to learn how to promote themselves and become visible on world-wide-web.

If you are an independent publisher selling your books, music or films over the internet through e-commerce, e-marketing is a must. They go hand in hand. A mistake that too many independent publishers make is forgetting to think of themselves as business owners. Being successful in a business means promotion and advertising. Publishing is not just about the manuscript.  It means bookselling, too. There is an article that is a good resource about this very issue.

E-Marketing (social media marketing) has added a whole new dimension to advertising and promotion. It can be overwhelming and confusing at the start. Help is available, search for a company that specializes in e-commerce and e-marketing for independent publishers. They will help you come out of the dark and into the light.

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GPS for Independent Publishers


Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”  ~ Ben Franklin 

Over the next few days, we are going to switch it up a bit and share some more technical information about the independent publishing industry, that I hope will be useful to those who are considering or engaged in the process.

The other day I began to think about GPS systems and how useful the development of these devices have been in leading us to where we need to go and what we want to find. 

GPS, in my world of independent publishing, could be used as an acronym for books with “Great Publishing Success.” 

Far-fetched as it may seem, “GPS” for independent publishers is being aided  by the use of  QR codes. The little, square digital code patch is very useful to those who want to know more about great independently published books, films and music. QR codes are beginning to appear not just on realtor signs, in newspapers, and on other flat surfaces.  Quick Response codes, matrix barcodes that are readable by i-phones and other smart digital devices, are even beginning to be placed on independently published books, films and music. 

QR codes will help readers identify, locate and read a review of independent publications or learn more about an author’s website.  Independent publications will become very visible through the use of QR codes. This is fulfilling news for independent publishers who may not have  a big promotion company or huge marketing budgets behind them.

Independent publishers, keep your eye on this latest development! A very exciting time in e-commerce and e-marketing for independent publishers is just ahead. Don’t miss out.

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e-Conomies. What Does it All Mean?

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I look for what needs to be done. After all, that’s how the universe designs itself.” ~ Buckminster Fuller

e-Commerce, e-Books, e-Publishing, e-Marketing. You’ve heard the terms a lot lately, haven’t you? But what does it all mean? It means entertaining new ways of doing things! 

Let’s face it – our economy needs a kick in the pants! We need independent spirited folks to take ideas and run with them. Brain power, our most available resource, surrounds us everywhere. It is not located in any one place. We need people who are tired of sitting around waiting for something to happen, to make things happen! 

Right here in Steamboat Springs,CO there is a group of people who want to have their say, they want to be heard, and they want to be seen. Right now! They are not willing to play the game of waiting on someone else to create their future for them, or not! 

She Writes Steamboat is a newly-formed meet-up group that will come together for the first time at 4 pm on June 21st at the Bud Werner Memorial Library.   Independent publishing is one economy that is on the fast track and it is gaining momentum every day. Business people, non-profit organizations, parents, teachers, children and very ordinary folks with unique stories to tell are pumped. Internet and media technologies have changed so greatly over the past 10 years anyone can jump on the train and tell their story, inform, educate and inspire others through all independent film, music or books. Entertain that thought! 

Further, the internet has provided a way for independent publishers to become visible all over the world! Are you ready to share your voice? Join Us @ She Writes Steamboat – click here

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Learning New Systems and Methods


You just don’t luck into things as much as you’d like to think you do. You build step by step…” ~ Barbara Bush

 Yesterday’s blog about the Library of Congress, the keeper of all things published, in Washington, DC brought to mind how things have changed in libraries since the days of wooden card catalog boxes. Ever since index cards were replaced with the On-Line Public Access Catalog (OPAC) new search methods have been developed for identifying publications people are seeking to find. 

 It is essential that  independent publishers can found through the On-Line Public Access catalog. In order to be a successful independent book seller, there are four user tasks that must be incorporated into e-marketing your book. Potential buyers must be able to identify, find, select and obtain your book or other published media. Without understanding and utilizing the tools that are used in today’s computer cataloging systems, it is difficult for your publication to be visible among all the rest. 

Marketing over the internet is more complex than just having a website presence. Becoming visible as an author through e-marketing is as important as bringing visibility to the publication itself. Publicity and marketing of both product and “supplier” will greatly increase your publication’s chances of being found and sold! 

If you do not understand the strategies behind selling and marketing your publication over the internet, seek help. Contact a company that specializes in e-marketing for independent publishers.

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